Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cornstarch Slime and The Farm

I got the idea to make cornstarch slime from my sister-in-law's blog, and it was a big hit with Ellie and me.  It is just cornstarch and water with food coloring in it. 

Seriously, it was the coolest thing--is it a solid?  is it a liquid?  You can squish it together and as long as you are manipulating it, it will maintain a shape.  The second you stop squishing, it liquefies and runs out of your hands.

Lynnie was not interested in touching the slime with her hands.  She preferred to stir with a spoon.

Until I told her she could eat it, and then she had no problem touching it.  She told me it tasted like flour.

In the afternoon, we picked up Ellie's friend Hannah and headed to The Farm at Thanksgiving Point.  Nick got a job there (seriously, his dream job!) and he told us he was going to be running the pony ride today.

We had really good timing and were there with hardly any other children.  Nick let the ponies just go and go and go.  When he would stop it, the girls would run back in line (usually behind 1 or 2 new children) and get right back on.  Lynnie called it quits after 3 consecutive rides.  Ellie and Hannah rode 6 times.  For about 45 minutes.

It pays to have connections!

Elvis was Ellie's favorite horse.

Cosmo was Hannah's favorite -- it was so big compared to the others.

Lynnie preferred Chief.
Cece preferred to nap in the shade.
Nick let Lynlee flip the switch twice to turn off the ride.

We continued to have good timing after the pony ride, and were able to walk right on to the carriage ride.  We shared the carriage with another mom and her two daughters.

Then we fed the ducks & geese.

And then we walked up the hill to get 25 cent ice cream cones.  Ellie ordered for all of us and was pretty proud of herself.  It was a great afternoon!

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