Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dance Recital

Finally, the day of the recital was here!  The doors were supposed to open at 5:30, and we got there at 5:28.  There was already a line, and when the doors opened we all filed in and saved a row.  We were almost at the very back, but it turned out just fine.  Ellie was so excited that Tayler, Josh, and Piper were coming, and it was really hard to wait for them to get there.  

I handed Ellie my camera and had her take some pictures while she was waiting for them.  She loved turning on the flash and making it super bright.

She even turned the camera around and did a selfie!

Luckily, Ellie didn't have to wait very long, and her favorite people were there!

Tayler said they would have to leave a little early, so we headed out to the fancy entrance to take some pictures before the recital started.  Luckily, we found Megan and Eden taking pictures and jumped on in.

Baby boy will be here in a few weeks :)

It makes me so happy to see Tayler with her husband and both of her girls!

Finally it was their turn, and Greg took the girls back to the holding area.  He said Lynlee did fine as long as she held on to her Jenga block (her current favorite toys).  Ellie was in her element, running around with her friends, but Lynnie was a little overwhelmed.  She is not a huge fan of crowds.

My favorite things of the performance?  When Lynnie drops her block and picks it up, and when Greg is dancing with the girls and Ellie is very concerned that Daddy is on her tape.  She tried to get him to move over :)

After their performance, we had fun hanging out and watching the other groups perform.

The girls went back for the curtain call, and it was all over.

It's been a great class!  We love Miss Kristin and the energy she puts into teaching dance.

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Linder said...

SUPER cute video :) Especially loved the Jenga block! Cute girls!


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