Monday, May 26, 2014


Lynnie pretended she was in the hospital because she was sick.  She told me she was going to die and then asked me if I would miss her.

Where does she come up with this stuff?

One of our favorite things to do is play with friends.  Coming home from church, Ellie asked if we could invite the Morrows over for dessert.  I shot off a quick text (after we were inside the house, of course, NOT while I was driving!) and got an affirmative answer.  Lynnie helped me make cake and ice cream, and we were excited.

Cece was feeling a little sick, and she was happiest being snuggled.

It was good timing on Ellie's part, because Hailey's 15th birthday was the next day.  We even put candles in the cake and sang to Hailey.

Just a random note--Hailey and Kiera share a birthday, and Julie and Kylene share a birthday.  Crazy coincidences!

Greg and Lynnie kept us all entertained with their antics.  Greg stuck Puppy on the light fixture and Lynnie had fun getting her back down.

The Rudds were driving through Utah (from Las Vegas home to Pocatello) and we were excited to have them come over for dinner.  Jeff and Greg received their endowments on the same day in the Idaho Falls temple in 1991, and were introduced because they were headed to the same mission in Portugal.  They were never companions, but became good friends as missionaries.  And we all hung out a lot when Greg and I were dating and first married.  We spent many of our first anniversaries (2nd-7th or something like that) in Pocatello with Greg playing in a basketball tournament with Jeff.  It is always fun to reconnect with some of our oldest friends!

Tammy hung out with us, too, which is always a treat.  She held Cece like this for quite a while, and Cece was totally asleep.

Ryker was Lynnie's favorite.  They talked for a long time and Ryker was really kind.  When everyone leaving, we were all hugging and saying good-bye.  Lynnie very seriously told me, "um, Mom, someone is missing a hug!"  "Who is, sweetie?"  "HE is! {pointing to Ryker}" 

Amanda and Cece

The kids together -- just missing Alex, who is in Vegas visiting his dad.  I love that this picture shows the differences in our children's ages!  Ryker is 16, Lexy is 14, and Emma is 12.

Emma and Lexy were awesome playing with the girls, and especially Ellie.  Those 3 disappeared in the basement and played for a couple of hours.

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