Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ky & Tobyn

I love how much Ky and Tobyn have been visiting lately!  We love to see them.  Ky called while we were eating lunch and said, "could I come pick up Ellie and take her on an adventure?"  I asked Ellie and Lynnie immediately said, "and me, too!"  

Ky and Tobyn (or Tovin, as Lynnie calls him) were there in less than 5 minutes and swooped the girls off to Thanksgiving Point.  They are so good natured that they let the girls talk them in to going to the Dinosaur Museum, for ice cream, and to Farm Country.  Nicest cousins ever!

Plus, Ky was extra nice and sent me a bunch of pictures.  We will take an adventure like that any day!

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