Monday, May 19, 2014


This cute outfit was a present from Aunt Brittany.  It says it is a 0-3 month size, and Cece has worn it a few times.  But it finally fits the way it is supposed to.

We have loved Ellie's preschool teacher (and soon to be Lynnie's preschool teacher).  Not only is Miss Traci fabulous with children, she has them make the coolest art projects.  Ellie came home today with a kite that she had made and she promptly showed us how to fly it in the backyard.  Lynnie was so excited about it, that Ellie offered to make a kite for her.

They spent over an hour just like this, with Ellie designing and drawing kites for Lynnie.  She made 4 kites for Lynnie and 2 more for herself.  Then they ran around the backyard flying their kites.

A turtle, a seal, a unicorn, and a dolphin.

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Elizabeth said...

Your girls keep getting cuter!!! And I love how you always just how with the flow and go along with all of their activities -- I need to work on that! I miss you, my friend!!!


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