Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Prophet Said To Plant A Garden

Every year we get a little bit better at this gardening thing.  We love the Square Foot Gardening method and it is pretty fast to get hte garden prepped and ready for the year.  We spent some time getting the boxes all turned up, with new compost and some extra peat moss thrown in for good measure.  We mixed the first two boxes by hand, and then Greg got smart and got a shovel to help with the last two boxes.  Ellie and Lynnie were super cute running around the yard and playing their games.

Then it was time to plant!

Ellie helped Greg plant the lettuce and radish seeds.  And then she was done.

Lynnie helped me plant the beets before Cece woke up from her nap in the stroller.  I took Cece inside to feed her, and Lynnie was Daddy's helper to put in the rest of the seeds (carrots, pototatoes, beans).

After dinner, we went to Greg's parents to check on Grandma because she has pneumonia.  Tammy was riding around in the side by side, and Lynnie was super excited to try it out!

Ellie was a little more cautious.  She climbed in to check it out, but then decided she didn't want to.  Daddy climbed in the front seat and then she was fine.

After a trip around the block, Tammy dropped off Greg and took the girls to Maui Chill for a treat.  Ellie was more than happy to go for a ride then.

We hung out with Grandma while we waited for the girls.

Ellie always wants Tammy to give her a massage with the special massage stick.  She even tried to give herself a massage. 

Lynnie loved making a "dress" out of these scarves.  She wanted to wear it to church, but I managed to talk her out of it...

Ellie is asleep in this picture.  She has her chocolate mini wheats on her tummy and is just snuggled in with Daddy.

Cece's Early Intervention Specialist, Lori, was coming over, and so Lynnie and I had a talk about how she could hang out with us, but she needed to not interrupt.  She decided she wanted to go in the backyard and dance to songs on her radio instead of hanging out inside.  It was super cute.  And gave us great background music.

We ordered Ellie a new booster seat from walmart.com, and it came shipped in this gigantic box with tons of packing material.  Ellie was really excited to be able to play in the big box.

Such a happy girl!  Hailey took these pictures while she was babysitting.

Cece loves to hold on to her clothes.  Or her blanket.  Or her burp cloth.

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Magson said...

Is it weird that after reading all of that, the biggest thing I came away with is that you called the UTV a "side-by-side?" Which is, of course, a perfectly acceptable synonym, but still struck me as odd becuz it's the very fact that you sit side-by-side in it that makes it a UTV? ;-)


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