Thursday, June 12, 2014

AF Canyon with the BCLs

Kelly put out an open invitation to the BCLs (my Book Club Ladies) to join her and her family for a picnic up American Fork canyon, and Ilene, Kandice, and I came along.  

The girls and I followed Kelly and Ilene in Kelly's Suburban.  When I got up to pay, the lady told me that my friends didn't have enough money and needed me to make up the difference.  I was like, "ok, how much do you need?"  She started laughing and said that they had paid for me and they loved me.  

It was super sweet.

It was a gorgeous day, and fun to be together with our kids.  We very rarely have the children with us, and they all played together well and helped each other.  Ellie and Lynnie especially loved the "really big girls" -- the ones that were 9-12.

We went to the Mile Rock picnic area, and it was nice to be right next to the creek.

These two were too busy exploring to look at me for a picture!

I have lately realized that Cece is underrepresented in photos, because I am holding her while taking pictures of her sisters.  I am making a conscious effort to get more of her with other people.

Ellie and Lynnie love Kelly.  They followed her around all day.

What is it about throwing rocks in water?  It is always so fun!

I liked that there was a little part of the creek with about an inch of water in it.  There was a piece of wood that the kids turned in to a bridge.  Ellie wanted to try it, and Cassidy was kind enough to help her.

"No, I can do it!  Back up."

"No, really, guys, I can do it!"

Good thing Cassidy, Taylor, and Kierra stayed close to Eliana.  She almost tipped off!

Lynnie hitched rides with many people across the bridge, including Kelly and Cassidy.

And then she was ready to give it a try, with Taylor and Cassidy helping her.

After exploring the creek for a while, we migrated over to this big rock.  Eventually we got all of the kids up there for a picture, including 1 year old Isaac.  Except for Lynnie.  She and Puppy preferred to stay at the bottom.

And that's OK!
Kierra, Cassidy, Ellie, Kaylee, Thomas, Sam, Devin, Garrett, Emily, Taylor, Eliana, Isaac, Lynlee, and Puppy

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