Monday, June 23, 2014

Cleaning, Sitting, and THE KISS

We spent about 9 hours on Saturday doing a deep clean of the house.  As part of that, we moved the doll house into the big girls' room, and then Ellie voluntarily spent an hour organizing all of the furniture and dolls.  She asked me to take a picture of it because she was proud of her idea.  I was happy to oblige.

That night, for our family date, the girls asked to go to Maui Chill and get some ice cream (don't tell them they are actually eating yogurt or sorbet).  We were excited to find the Gibsons there!  Ellie called a meeting and Eden, Emeri, and Camri attended.

On Sunday, I sat Cece on the bench and she happily leaned against the back with one shoulder and played for about half an hour.  It was so cute that I had to take a picture, even though President is anti-picture-taking in church.  Which I agree with.  Unless something really cute is happening.  How's that for justification of my actions?

On Sunday night, we dropped off some pictures for {R} and hung out with her for a while at {B}s house.  The girls had all fallen asleep in the car before we got there, so it took Lynnie a while to wake up and be happy.  The trick to getting her to smile was taking some selfies of ourselves and Puppy.  While we were there, Cece rolled over for the first time from her back to her stomach!  I was ecstatic that {R} and I shared that moment together with this precious baby.  We were both cheering and clapping, and Cece was pretty proud of herself.

Ellie took a picture of me feeding my girls.  We often have double milk drinking going on over here.  Lynnie likes to assign who gets what lap.  Because I have two laps, you know.  Not two legs.  Two laps.  The left lap is the preferred milk drinking lap, and usually Cece gets that one.  Lynnie can hold her own milk so she can handle my right lap.

We were very excited to play with Elizabeth, Davis, and Callie.  Ellie has always told me that she is going to marry Davis when she grows up.  Last time we played, she informed me that they had decided to have a large family, probably 7 children.  

But in the last couple of weeks, she had decided she didn't want to marry Davis anymore, and that maybe she hasn't met her future husband yet.  Maybe she will meet him in college (like Mommy and Daddy met).  Lynnie happily volunteered to marry Davis instead.

But once Ellie knew that Davis was coming over, she emphatically told Lynnie that she was going to marry Davis, and that they would stick to the original plan.

When it was time for Davis to go home, we gathered for a couple of pictures.

Elizabeth and I were standing next to each other during our picture taking, and I told the children to put their arms around each other and show some love.  In literally 5 seconds (and 5 pictures), the kids went from this:

to this!

Elizabeth and I immediately said, "whoa, what is going on!" and the one second kiss ended.  The picture is better and cuter than the actual event.  

After Davis left, Ellie and I had a talk about how only married couples kiss on the lips.  She very seriously said, "yeah, but Mom, Davis and I ARE married."

After I reminded her that was just pretending to be married, she said, "but we love each other.  What's the big deal?"

We ended up deciding that it is good to love each other and plan on getting married, and they can always hug each other, but they wouldn't kiss again until after Davis gets home from his mission ;)

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Linder said...

That picture is just so cute. Yes, definitely a teaching moment but how sweet to catch it on camera :)


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