Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Father's Day is a time to celebrate our fathers and, especially, a time to celebrate Greg.  He is an amazing father and a constant example to me.  He is kind, patient, and caring.  He loves the Lord and strives daily to improve himself and better follow the commandments.  He is fun-loving and witty, and always gets the girls laughing.  He takes serious things seriously, and also knows how to lighten the mood.  And perhaps most importantly, he loves deeply and completely.  We all know that he cherishes and protects us, and he binds our family together.

...good thing Greg knows how to hold still while pictures are being taken...

After snapping a few pictures, it was present time!  The girls were very excited about the card and picture they had made for Daddy.  

Ellie's envelope says:
To dad
Ellie Lynlee Cece

She drew stars and hearts on the back.

Inside the card she wrote their names again (spelling Cece E-C-E-C), and then "wrote"
Happy Father's Day, Dad.  We love you very much.  You are the best daddy ever.

Lynlee drew Greg a picture of a "cuidado."

Greg always tells the girls cuidado when he wants them to be careful.  I asked Lynnie what a cuidado was and she said it was a monster.

Being parents is not something Greg and I take lightly.  It is a sacred trust to be raising Ellie, Lynnie, and Cece, and we are eternally grateful to their birth moms for giving us this trust.  I love celebrating Greg and the wonderful father he is, and also celebrating {T}, {M}, and {R} for choosing him to raise their babies.

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