Thursday, June 5, 2014


I have been thinking about my blog lately, and the reasons why I blog, and why it has morphed into my only hobby.  I blog to keep a record of my family--an online journal or personal history.  And I love to let my friends and family (which includes our birth families) see what we are up to.  Nothing earth shattering.  Nothing super special.  Just our regular, every day lives.  Our beautiful, tender mercy filled, glorious lives.

What beautiful moments happened these past few days?  An impromptu invitation to join the Morrows for s'mores.  We walked over and spent a glorious hour enjoying the fire and watching the girls roast marshmallows for the first time (that they remember).  Cece fell asleep right after we got there and had a great nap on Hailey's bed.  She woke up right as we were getting ready to leave, which was pretty great timing.

The girls were excited to play basketball, especially since Daddy had been at a basketball camp in Phoenix all weekend.  Ellie is tenacious.  She will not give up until she accomplishes her goal--in this case, making a basket.

Lynnie was all about Hailey picking her up to put the ball in the net.

And, of course, Ellie wanted in on that as well.

I had big plans to clean out the cupboard under the sink in the laundry room, which includes a lot of art supplies.  Pulling out the basket prompted me to look up the pins for the crafts that I had purchased the supplies for, and then we spent all day doing crafts.  It was awesome.  

...we never did clean out that cabinet...

Ellie cut out these shapes completely on her own.  I was pretty impressed. (original idea here)

Ellie's new favorite app is called Big Baby.  One of the options is to email yourself  printable babies.  We sent it to Greg, and he printed it very fancily at work on thick, glossy 11x17  paper.  There were four babies, so Ellie and Lynnie each picked out two.  They loved that there was a skin tone that matched all of them.

Ellie and Lynnie were invited to Mia's birthday party, and it was a good day.  Kari did a great blog post about the party, with much better pictures than mine :)  This was the first friend party that was on a "normal" scale that Lynnie has attended.  I stayed with them for about 5 minutes, and then Cece and I went home.  Kari said Lynnie did awesome, and Ellie did fine until they did a pinata in the backyard.  Then she kind of freaked out.  Ellie told me later that a Smartie hit her finger when the pinata broke and it startled her...
watching "Tangled" while waiting to be picked up

These birds keep on trying to build a nest above our door.  We keep on shooing them away, but this time they did not even care.  They just sat and looked at all of us (my book club friends were leaving after book club).  There's just too much bird poop left behind on the front step.

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