Monday, June 9, 2014

Kiera's Graduation Trip--The Rest

I forgot to mention in my post from yesterday the tender mercy that occurred on Friday night.  After the graduation party, we went back to Kyle & Jonette's house to get ready for bed.  We were privileged to stay in Papa John's apartment, which only has a shower. {Papa John is Jonette's father and he lived with them for many years before his passing.}  Lynnie wanted me to help them, so I showered Ellie first and then it was Lynnie's turn.  I bent over to wash her feet, she turned, and her elbow hit my eye at just the right angle to pop out my contact.

I immediately went in to panic mode, turning off the shower and desperately trying to block the drain with my hand.  I had flashbacks to when I lost a contact in the ocean in Hawaii, and then I thought about how uncomfortable I was going to be all weekend in just my glasses, and then I thought about what a stupid way that was to have to spend hundreds of dollars.  

As these thoughts are coursing through my brain, I am frantically searching the floor and my body for that little blue circle.  I cannot see it anywhere.  Greg is wrestling with a screaming Cece while trying to get Ellie dressed so I didn't even call for him to come rescue us.

And then I had the inspiration to get out of the shower and look in the mirror.

And I found my contact stuck on my face, just under my lip.

How it stayed there as I was up, down, and spinning circles all over that shower, I do not know.

What a tender mercy.

After our late night, it was sweet to sneak past these sleeping girls to make Cece her 6 a.m. bottle.

Cece's latest thing is to always pop her legs straight into the air when she is laid down.  I've even caught her doing this in her sleep.

After a relaxing morning, it was time to go to Kiera's graduation.  The ceremony is held at the football stadium at the local college, and it is only the second time I have trotted out my telephoto lens.  (The first time was at Kylene's high school graduation.)  Love that thing.  I should figure out more times to use it!

Kiera received the Full Boar Award, which recognized her for having a high GPA and taking a certain number of honors/AP/I don't remember what type of special classes.

Kylene had curled Ellie's hair, and it held up great.  Ellie was clearly very excited to be sitting through almost two hours of speeches and awards...

The only problem with the telephoto lens is that I can't take pictures of things close to me.  This was as good as I got of our group on our row.

Kiera also went up front twice to sing with the choir.

 It's official!

Grandma, Grandpa, and Daniel

Jonette, Kyle, Kiera, Kylene, and Kaysen

ah, the sisters!

Tammy surprised Kiera by bringing Clay along for the weekend.  Kiera and Clay have always been really close cousins.

Kylene, Kiera, and Tobyn

Tobyn is a cheerleader and SUU and Ellie loves to try stunting with him.  Before the first throw, she showed a little apprehension.

 But then she was begging for more!

 And even more!  This last throw got some serious height.

After getting a ride on Daddy's head and talking some more, we were ready to go back to the house.

The boys (Kaysen, Daniel, Clayton, and Tobyn) had slept been in a tent in the yard the night before, and Kaysen crashed hard before dinner.  Cece was kicking him and it didn't even phase him.

After dinner it was hot tub time!  Lynnie wanted to sit with her Tovin.  She was freaked out by the waterfall last time, but she loved it this time.  Greg and Tobyn would manipulate it so that it turned off, and then Lynnie would turn it back on with her powers.  She really thought she was making it work!

On Monday, we accomplished our goal of leaving early and were on the road by 5:22 a.m.  The sun was just peaking over the mountains.

Lynnie and Cece went immediately back to sleep, but Ellie held out for almost an hour.  Then they all slept until past Idaho Falls.

Even with a long breakfast stop and a couple of potty breaks, we were home before 2.  Greg has definitely converted me to early morning driving on trips.  The girls do so much better and it is nice to get home in the daylight.

During Family Home Evening that night, Ellie let Cece play with this doll, and Cece was fascinated.  I surreptitiously took some pictures and texted them to {R}.

Cece's first road trip is under her belt!  I am glad to know she is a good traveler because we have a couple more big trips planned this summer.


Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Kiera!! Love the brown and gold robes -- my high school colors too :) Not super common or beloved while you're in high school, but something you look back fondly on 17 years later...

Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Kiera!! Love the brown and gold robes -- my high school colors too :) Not super common or beloved while you're in high school, but something you look back fondly on 17 years later...


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