Saturday, June 14, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity

We have a pass to Thanksgiving Point, and it is great to pop over for adventures.  We were planning on spending the evening with {R} and decided to try out the Children's Discovery Garden.  I had no idea that it was now part of the new Museum of Natural Curiosity.

It was such a gorgeous night and the museum was a little busy, so we went out to the gardens anyway.  We started with a hedge maze and that was awesome.  Ellie told us she wanted to do it 8 more times.  Then we found Noah's Ark and watched Ellie and Lynnie play in the water.

So fun to find zebras on the ark.  Zebras are Cece's special animal, picked for her by {R}.

{R} and Cece had lots of snuggles while we were watching the big girls play.

Lynnie thought this duckling statue was real.  She was brave and petted it anyway.

Ellie loved this stage.  She put on quite a show for us!

About now Cece was asleep in my arms and Lynnie wanted a milk break, so we found a bench by the spider's web.  Ellie still entertained us while Cece had her nap and Lynnie equalized her blood sugars.

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