Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spencer Family Reunion, Days 3 & 4

Our last full day of the reunion started off with a bang.  Lynnie colored in the closet while I took a shower, and organized all of her papers, stickers, and crayons just so.

Ellie ate the ultimate breakfast of champions--Doritos and Kettle Corn.

The first thing we did after we all were dressed and presentable was take some pictures for {R}, since today is her 25th birthday.  I got this shirt especially for Cece to wear in the birthday pictures, because {R} is very pretty, inside and out!

 Lynnie tried really hard to make grumpy faces, but she was being too silly to hold them for long!

 I was working my phone (so I could text some pics immediately to {R}) while Greg was working the real camera.  I should have put Greg in the better position, because I got the better pictures on the not-as-nice-camera.  Oh, well.

Then it was off to the family meeting.  We got all 49 of us in the living room of the condo where Greg's parents and Kyle and Jonette were staying.  Greg's mom started us off by talking about genealogy and asking each of us to get her some records.  Then Greg's dad spoke for a while about some things that are important.  He shared the story of when he raced his horse Lady and almost died.  During the race, he dropped the rein and it trailed behind the whole time.  He also talked about how he and mom still worry about their kids, and worry even more about their grandchildren, especially now as the world and the Church are going in differing directions.  One thing he said that has stuck with me is that we need to know that we covenanted and promised to do things in the premortal world, and we need to figure those things out and accomplish them.  Another good piece of counsel was that we should always dress one level above what is expected, so we will always be in good taste.  He also reminded us that we should always be inclusive in our language (e.g., our children, our house, our family -- not my children, my house, my family -- and etc.).  What a privilege to learn from Grandpa and hear his wisdom.

Cute cousins!

Daniel led us in the singing.

Ah, Greg won!

 After the family meeting, Ellie ran downstairs with Jazzy and Emily to play in Jazzy's condo.

We gathered the girls back up when it was time to get some lunch.  We went to a nice Mexican place with Kyle & Jonette and their family, Grandpa, Daniel, Tammy, and Clay.  It was all fun until Lynnie tipped her chair over.  She didn't get hurt--but it really startled her.

After lunch it was beach time!  Ellie was so excited to play in the water.

It was extremely windy, and Lynnie was not very excited about that at all.  Good thing nice Aunt Staci was there to give some loves while I was helping Ellie in the water.

Uncle Kyle quickly took over and was Ellie's best friend.

It was so windy that Greg and Cece hung out in Paul & Staci's van.  They eventually loaded the van up and took a drive down the beach.

I snuggled Lynnie, and she fell asleep under her towel.  I ended up carrying her back to the beach house and left Ellie in Kyle's care.

Even after a shower, the girls were freezing.  We put their coats on and they snuggled up in Ellie's bed.

The day was capped off perfectly by a bonfire on the beach with Scott & Lisette's family.  Lynnie is hilarious.  She did not want to touch the sand with her feet (the whole time we were there), but she loved to touch it with her hands.

Ellie, Kaia, and Zoe

The next morning we woke up and Grandpa took us to the airport. Everything went the way it was supposed to go--flights on time and time enough to eat lunch on our layover in San Francisco.  The girls did great on the flights.  Ellie and Lynnie were so sweet in the SLC airport.  They held hands and were just talking and giggling for the walk through the terminal.

What a wonderful reunion, and a wonderful chance to reconnect with all of the family members.  So fun to travel with the girls!

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Linder said...

Looks like you had such a fun time! Chad's sister lives in California so they have been to all the beaches and Pismo Beach is their favorite place -- they go back every year. :)


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