Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Fun

Cece is such a good baby!  She loves to look around and observe, and as long as she can see someone she is content to entertain herself.  She fell asleep while playing with Lynnie.  Such contentment!

We made some cookies, and Cece was fascinated watching Lynnie lick the bowl.  The bowl from the flour mixture.  Not the good stuff -- the cookie batter!

So fun to do my visiting teaching at the park on Thursday.  Ellie loved playing with her friends.  The bigger girls helped her climb the tree.

We dropped off Ellie to play with her friend Hannah, and when I got back to the car, Lynnie was styling with my sunglasses.

We had set up to meet our second visiting teaching sister on Friday at another park.  We got there before everyone else, and Ellie was very excited to tackle the monkey bars.

She figured out how to go halfway and then slide down the pole.

I could tell she was getting tired, so I suggested she take a break.  But she wanted to keep trying!

And then came one of the scariest 2 seconds of my life.  I was sitting with Cece on the bench, watching Ellie and Lu play.  Ellie was swinging on the monkey bars and her hand missed the next rung.  Her momentum carried her backwards until she was horizontal to the ground, facing downwards.  Her other hand slipped and she fell about six feet to the bark chips below.

I instantly ran over, telling her not to move, checking for broken bones.  I set Cece down in the bark chips so I could check on Ellie, and that made Cece cry.  Probably not the most comfortable place to lay down.  Luckily, Ellie had not broken anything, but she landed on her stomach and had the wind knocked out of her.

After a few minutes, I got Ellie and Cece both calmed down, and I texted my partner that we were going to go home and get some Advil.  Right as I put my phone away, Shannon drove up.  Ellie loves her daughters, and immediately said, "well, maybe I feel better and I can play for a few minutes."  I think staying and playing was the best thing she could have done!  She got her muscles moving and worked out some of her soreness.

But she didn't try the monkey bars again...

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