Friday, July 18, 2014

A Day At The Beach

We were excited to head to The Beach for the first time this summer, and that Traci, Hope, Parker, and Ethan could come with us.  We all loaded up at the same time and got on our way.  And check out the fact that Ellie accessorized her swim shirt with a sparkly silver belt.  Gotta look your best, you know!

Lynnie didn't want to look at me for a picture.  She just giggled and very deliberately walked the other way.  Too funny.

At The Beach, we had fun scooping sand, and ...

...touching sand with toes for the first time, and ...

... putting our faces in the water (with sunglasses on our head), and ...

...brushing sand from our feet (cause we really don't like sand on our toes).

Success!  Lynnie touched the water.

Traci is taller than I am and got Lynnie all the way to the rope without getting her shorts wet.  Once Lynnie got in the water, she loved it.  She got really brave and wandered all over.

I brought a bunch of bread, and Hope and Lynnie loved feeding the ducks.  We had so much bread that the ducks eventually swam away, totally full, leaving bread chunks behind.

Cece didn't seem that impressed with the water, so we headed back to the umbrella for some shade.

Then Lynnie's bravery was getting me worried, so we went back into the water to be by sister.

Lynnie held on the rope and walked until it was as deep as her shoulders.

Cece is the sweetest and cutest baby!  Her cheeks are to die for.

Ellie wore the floaties for most of the morning, but then Lynnie had a turn.  Kind Hope stuck with her as they explored the water together.

We start swimming lessons on Monday, and Lynnie has been nervous.  After our morning at the beach, she told me she is excited now.  Yeah!

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