Monday, July 28, 2014

Court Date

This morning was the start of a week of celebrations for our family.  We went to court to have Cecilia's adoption finalized.  Mom, Bobi, Lyssa, Amy, and Elizabeth came to support us.  We were glad they were hanging out with us, especially since we had 45 minutes extra to wait, since we started late.

I was excited to dress Cece in her cheetah dress, since it was a present from {R}.

We were the second family from the American Fork office to be assigned our judge.  When he met with the family before us, he asked for additional documents and paperwork that no judge has ever asked for before (in hundreds of adoptions completed through our agency).  Their finalization was delayed a few days as they got the paperwork gathered and submitted and they had to postpone their sealing.  Luckily for us, our fabulous case worker Adrienne knew what paperwork he would ask for, and we got it together ahead of time.  Everything went smoothly.

Cece slept for about half of the time in the courtroom before waking up and being her normal, happy, bouncy self.

The judge was very kind and gracious, and came out for pictures with our family to mark this day.

Court is important, and I am glad that everything is legal now.  But I don't feel any different about Cece or her role in our family.  Court is almost anti-climatic...

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