Thursday, July 17, 2014

Greg's Birthday

Tammy organized a golfing trip for Greg's birthday, complete with balloons tied on the golf cart.  Greg actually overslept for his 6 a.m. tee time, but caught up to the group on the 5th hole.  Thanks to Tammy for texting me pictures of their fun time.

We talked to Greg as they were leaving the course and headed for lunch.  I had just filled the car with gas, so we were able to meet and have lunch all together.  Greg picked a favorite sushi place.

Tammy "stole" Cece and held her the whole time.

Lynnie helped me make mock-Cafe Rio for his birthday dinner.  She try a raw onion (too spicy, she said) and green peppers, and decided that green peppers are her new favorite food.  She must have eaten half of a pepper by the time she was done.

Cece licked a piece of cantaloupe and could not get enough of it.

After I fed Cece some milk, I laid her down so I could help Lynnie do something.  I gave her the milk to hold, and she tried to feed herself.  First time!

Ellie wrapped the presents and set out the notes and cards for Daddy.

 The friends who were coming to dinner ended up cancelling at the last minute, so we were happy that Hailey brought Courtney along to help babysit.  We had a fun dinner all together and then Greg and I headed out for some furniture window shopping and some frozen custard.

Hello, Miss Flexible! 

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