Friday, July 11, 2014

Philmont, Days 6 & 7

Thursday morning was the last choir practice.  It was fun to play all week and be immersed in music for an hour each morning.  It was a great way to start the day.  It was also fun because it takes me an hour or two to see small details.  I would make a lot of mistakes in rehearsal, because there was bad lighting and my eyes weren't working that well, so I had a lot of guessing at notes.  I was pretty flawless in performances later in the day, though ;)

Last flag ceremony.  Ellie loves pushing Cece in the stroller.

Puppy was feeling very patriotic that morning at the flag ceremony.  Lynnie and Puppy were quite a pair all week, and had some notoriety.  I had many people comment to me about my cute girl and her baby.

Back on Monday morning, we had the Silverados orientation (the wives are the Silverados group) where the classes available throughout the week were introduced.  As soon as they said a welding class was being offered, I knew I wanted to be in it.  There were only 8 spots available.  After orientation we assembled for our group picture, and then I beelined it for the sign-up tables and was the first one on the welding list.  Tayler's husband Josh is a welder, and I couldn't wait to try it out!

After suiting up and getting some instructions and a demonstration, we got to do a practice run.  I took a picture of one of the other ladies in the class doing her welding, but if you don't look too closely you can pretend it's me!  After our practice try, we went again to weld this eagle together.  It was a fun project, and I can see why it takes years of practice to be good.

I was also able to see my new bowls out of the kiln this morning.  I did blue for Greg, yellow for me, green for Ellie, purple for Lynnie, and pink for Cece.  I love them so much more than the red bowl that got chipped.

In the afternoon, we had a graduation ceremony for the men.  It was a wonderful experience to reflect on the week and to hear from Sister Wixom and President Beck one more time.

Then we headed out to take some fun pictures with the men looking sharp in their uniforms.  They were pretty stiff at first, until we told them to look like they actually liked each other.
Gary Keck, Greg Spencer, Kenny Bunnell, and Frank Schofield

Gary & Melissa Keck, Greg & Heather Spencer, Kenny & Tracy Bunnell, Frank & Kendra Schofield

We went to Small Fry to pick up the girls and once again found Lynnie fast asleep.  Puppy makes a great pillow!

Greg thought it was funny that Lynnie and I were sitting the same way, and he snapped a picture.

We drove just a little ways down the road to go to the Trading Post so we could purchase a belt buckle for Greg's new belt.  Ellie and Lynnie sat in the front with us, and Greg popped Cece in Lynnie's car seat.  Cece loved being such a big girl!  And I was glad it was only a few hundred yards...

Kami was such a good helper all week, always holding Cece or taking Ellie and Lynnie to the playground.  She turns 12 in a couple of weeks and wants to be our new babysitter.  We are happy to let her--but not so sure how Hailey will feel about that!

Grandma Yvonne was one of our favorite new friends.  She always took the time to talk to Ellie, every time we saw her.  We shared a table a few times during meals and she was really nice.

The last event was the closing program.  The Small Fry did the Olympics, with events like Jumping High and Running In Place.  Ellie was a great participant.  Lynnie just looked at me.  She thought she was going to get a turn to talk in the microphone and was very disappointed not to be able to do that.

We had talked about taking pictures of our whole group after the closing program, and I quickly realized the light was going and it was not going to happen.  So I tried to surreptitiously grab some pictures of everyone while the other children were performing. 
Melissa & Gary Keck

Kiana, Tracy, Kami, Kenny, and Kalli Bunnell

Connor very seriously asked me, "Can I kiss Cece?"  Yes, yes, of course you can!

Ellie, Maleah, Kennedy, Frank, Connor, Pierce, Kendra, and Dayton

Pierce took this picture for us.

The Silverados number was super fun.  Extremely talented Kendra rewrote lyrics to the song "Happy" and then her committee talked her into singing the lead.  She was amazing!

Clap along if you love your room with a canvas roof
Clap along if you've seen the Rock of Timely Tooth
Clap along if you love that yummy, yummy food
Clap along if you feel that Philmont is the place for you!

Clap along for the staff that shows us that they care
Clap along if you've learned how to learn, act, and share
Clap along if you know that you've been taught the truth
Clap along if you feel that Philmont is Zion to you!

These four girls are such good friends!

Greg and I got up at 4:30 on Friday morning to shower and start packing the truck.  The girls slept through it all.  I was about to wake Cece up to feed her, and she woke up on her own.  That was pretty good timing.  Greg woke up Lynnie and took her potty, then had her drink some milk.  She fell asleep on her cot again immediately, slept through the transfer to the truck, and didn't wake up until 11:30 a.m.  It was amazing!

And then we were off, driving home!  We got one last look at the Villa Philmonte and we were on our way.  

The drive home felt super fast.  A lot of it is that Lynnie slept so long that we didn't stop until after we had been going for 6 hours.  We did a lunch stop and then one more potty break, and we were home in 12 and a half hours.  The girls did great!  All three napped in the afternoon as well.

Greg came up with a new unpacking strategy, and it worked great.  We cleaned out the cab of the truck all together, and then he just brought in one bag at a time.  We started both washers with loads of laundry and unpacked that one bag.  Then he brought in one more bag.  I don't know why it felt faster, but it seemed more effective than our normal routine of dump-everything-in-a-pile-and-feel-overwhelmed-by-all-our-stuff.

So, so great to go, and so, so great to be home!

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