Sunday, July 27, 2014


I got out of the shower to see that Lynnie had built this amazing tower of books.  That was some good engineering!

After she asked me to take a picture, she voluntarily put the books away.

Breakthrough, people, breakthrough!

Ellie is a good big sister and she likes to hold Cece on her lap.  Most of the time Cece likes it.

Lynnie's Sunbeam teachers are incredible, and incredibly crafty.  She is always coming home with elaborate things they have made, like laminated file folder games, or lavender scented bath salts, or modpodged coats of many colors.  Today takes the cake, though, with this temple.

After church we went to my mom's house for our monthly family dinner.  We had put it off for a couple of weeks until we were back from Philmont, Amy was back in town, and -- perhaps most importantly -- Sarah was here for summer visitation.  We had to take a cousin photograph.  We are missing Elder Taylor and Amber & Travis (who stayed in Illinois this summer).  I love the age discrepancy in our cousins.  So fun for our girls to have these good role models in their lives.  Plus, Lyssa and Sarah can always be counted on to play with them in the basement!
Ellie (almost 5), Cece (6 months), Lyssa (17), Lynnie (3), Gwen (4), Sarah (13)

Ellie is such a ham.

We tried to recreate Sarah's grumpy expression from the 2010 photo shoot.  Sometimes it is hard to be 9.

Of course, Lyssa had to pretend to be grumpy, too.

And sad, apparently...

Greg got Cece to take a little catnap while the adults were talking after dinner.

When she woke up, Uncle Brian had to have a turn holding this beautiful baby.

When we got in the car to go home, Lynnie wanted to buckle herself, all by herself, for the first time.

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