Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cece's Blessing Day

We got to church right as the ward before us was getting out of Sacrament Meeting, so we could save seats for Cece's blessing.  We saved the whole left side of the chapel, and displaced all of the families who normally sit there.  Papa walked a fussy Cece around the building while we were waiting for our meeting to start, and got her to take a little nap.

And check out that gorgeous dress, made for Cece by her birth grandma!

Greg gave Cece a beautiful blessing, with my dad, his dad, and the Bishop standing in the circle.  Things that stood out to me:  Greg noted that this was not her first blessing, but that her first blessing came because her loving birth mother asked for one; Cece was blessed with ears to hear the word of the Lord; she was told that she had a joyful spirit and she would uplift and encourage others.

Fast forward a couple of hours, and Grandma put Cece to sleep in the same position as she was walking around during Relief Society.  Grandparents clearly have the magic touch!

It was a good thing that I had so many helpers that day.  Lynnie came to class with me since I was still concerned about germ passing, and she fell asleep during Relief Society on my lap.  Amy stepped in and played the piano for me, so that was super helpful.  Lynnie slept all the way home and through the transfer into my bed, and then for another 3 hours.  Then she was awake til midnight...

After church, we invited people to come eat and hang out, and we had two different groups come--right after church and another group around 6.  Both groups sang Happy Birthday to Ellie and had cake and ice cream.  Ellie was in heaven!

Kylene and Tobyn brought a present for Ellie from Kyle and Jonette, and then they played the memory game with Ellie.

Tylan enjoyed the game as well.  Returned missionary Brayden and Todd & Rachel's Japanese exchange student also played a heated game.  Who knew Memory could be so fun for big boys as well?

After everyone left, Nana put Cece to sleep again.  Cece looks so grown up in this picture!

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