Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cecilia is 7 Months Old

. : hmmm, what is this interesting thing?  how does it taste? : .

. : and, she's done! : .

At 7 months old, Cece

~ wears size 2 diapers, size 2 shoes, size 6-9 month clothes
~ loves to chew on anything and everything, especially fingers and her muslin blankets
~ doesn't want a binkie anymore (for a couple of months, only used it as a chew toy, and hasn't even cared about it for a few weeks)
~ prefers to sleep on her bed.  If she is put down when she is sleepy, she will immediately roll on her right side, start sucking on her blanket, and close her eyes
~ still hates being on her tummy.  Often now, rolls over in her sleep, which wakes her up and makes her mad
~ is really curious and loves to watch what is going on, especially watching her big sisters
~ loves being in her jumper, and is constantly in motion in there
~ loves to have her tummy kissed and her hair blown on
~ likes to sing "The Wheels on the Bus" -- especially with Ellie.  She is starting to mimic some of the hand motions, especially the wipers going swish swish swish
~ is smack in the middle of the stranger anxiety phase.  She prefers mom to anyone else, but likes dad as well.  Has a hard time with babysitters and other people trying to hold her.
~ is not a good eater.  She will purse her lips and not take food from a spoon.
~ raises her arms when she wants to be picked up, and gives good hugs.
~ is such a joy and delight!  Cece has a sweet, loving personality.

After Cece's photo shoot, Ellie and Lynnie wanted pictures taken with stickers of their own!

But then Lynnie decided she didn't want her picture taken after all...

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