Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cecilia's Sealing

When Ellie was sealed to us, we went to the Mt Timpanogos temple.  When it was Lynnie's turn, Mt Timp was on its annual shut-down, so we went to the Draper temple.  Now that it's Cece's turn, we decided to continue the tradition of a new temple and picked the Jordan River temple.  For weeks, Lynnie called it the Water Temple.

How lucky are we to live in a place with so many close options?

Before leaving for the temple, we took a few pictures of Cece in her going-to-the-temple outfit, the same outfit Ellie wore (it was too small for Lynnie).  Cece is wearing the headband her birth grandma made for her.

Ellie wanted to help Cece smile.  And, of course, Cece is trying to eat her dress.

The sealing was beautiful, and Cece was so happy throughout.  Quite a change from her sisters, who both cried the whole time.  Cece was calm and looked at everyone, even flashing some of her famous smiles.  There was a very special moment during the sealing when she looked right at her birth aunt and gave her a big smile.  We were so grateful to have so many friends and family members with us, supporting us.

After we came outside, Kelly was all ready to take pictures of us.  She did such an amazing job with Ellie's and Lynnie's sealing that I had to ask her again!  When I get the pictures from her I will get them posted.  For now, we have pictures from Bobi's cell phone that I texted to myself later that day. least Ellie has her eyes open...

. : taking pictures of three little girls is like herding cats : .

Cece's gorgeous dress was made for her by her birth grandma.  So special!

We tried to take pictures by the fountain but it was just. too. bright!

After we changed back to regular clothes, it was time to go to our house for a party.  Cece was ready for a nap after all of her excitement.

We were so blessed to have {R} come to the luncheon and hang out with our crazy loud family.  Everyone wanted to meet her and talk with her.  In the excitement of getting things ready for 40ish people, and having Lynnie throw up, and putting Cece down for a nap, I didn't get any pictures with {R}.  In fact, I didn't even think to take a picture until 2/3rds of the guests had left.

Just a little note about the tender mercy we experienced that morning.  Cece had shots at her well child check on Tuesday, and got sick Tuesday night.  I attributed it to a reaction to her shots, until Ellie and I got sick on Wednesday.  We had a few days of fevers and throwing up, and then they were better.  I thought Lynnie was in the clear and we were all ready for the weekend events.

And then Lynnie threw up spectacularly on Friday at 5 p.m.  She We  She had a rough night where she threw up a bunch more times, including once when half of it missed her bowl and ended up getting it all over me and our bed (at 6 a.m.).  Before we left for the temple, Greg and my dad gave her a priesthood blessing where she was promised that she would be able to attend the sealing.  In the car on the way to the temple, Lynnie perked up and told us she felt better.  She felt well enough to be mad when we left her in the Youth Center, and cried hard enough that the temple workers went and found Kyle and Jonette to come and help.  Even with Uncle Kyle (her favorite!), it took a few minutes for her to calm down.  Ellie had told the temple workers that Lynnie had tonsillitis and a fever and she was throwing up (where did she even learn the word tonsillitis?).  

Lynnie did great the whole time we were at the temple, and taking pictures outside.  Within 30 seconds of the pictures being completed, Lynnie told me she felt like she needed to throw up again.  We got home and she did throw up two more times.  I am grateful she felt better at the temple.

Lynnie and Tobyn hung out in our room during the party.  Lynnie thought maybe she would take a nap, but she just entertained Tobyn instead.

.  : my sisters Amy and Bobi, and my niece Lyssa : .

. : Greg's mom Cheryl, sister Tanya, and sister-in-law Staci : .

. : Greg's sister Tamara : .

. : mission accomplished : .

. : Greg's brothers Daniel and Kyle, and sister-in-law Jonette : .

. : my Aunt Sharon and Aunt Gail came from Idaho Falls : .

. : after everybody left, Nana got Cece to fall asleep in this comfy position : .

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So exciting -- congratulations! Beautiful family :)


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