Monday, August 4, 2014

Ellie is 5 Years Old

I found some princess dress-up dresses at DI and gave them to Ellie for her birthday.  She was excited to wear one for her birthday photo shoot.

my favorite of the day!

cousin Kyralyn hung out with us for the morning

At 5 years old, Ellie

~ wears size 8 shoes, size 4-5 pants, and size 4-6 shirts
~ is a fairly picky eater, but is starting to be brave and try new foods
~ thinks she doesn't like bread, but rolls are her favorite food.  And she loves pizza, bread sticks, garlic bread, cinnamon toast, and french toast.
~ can read and is continually surprising me with how many words she can sound out
~ is very social.  It's only a good day if she got to play with a friend.  Or two.  Or three.
~ loves to draw and paint and knows that she is a good artist
~ is such a good girl and tries so hard to make good choices
~ loves all of her family, especially her birth mom and her half-siblings

all answers by Ellie
Favorite food?  oatmeal
Favorite snack?  oatmeal squares cereal
Favorite drink?  water
Favorite treat?  cupcakes
Favorite color?  pink -- blue for coloring and green for painting
Favorite stuffed animal?  Lambie
Favorite TV show?  Sofia the First
Favorite movie?  Frozen
Favorite song?  Let It Go
Best Friends?  Alanna, Hannah, and Hope
Favorite apps?  the Frozen app and Caillou Goes to the Doctor
Classes/Lessons last year?  dance, Kindermusik, violin, swimming, and preschool  
Favorite animals?  unicorns and turtles
Favorite princesses?  Ariel, Belle, and Aurora

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