Monday, August 4, 2014

Ellie's Birthday Party

Ellie has been counting down the days until her birthday!  She is so excited to be 5 and starting Kindergarten.  But maybe, just maybe, she was most excited to open presents.

Nana and Papa were heading to Idaho Falls but they stayed long enough to celebrate and watch the presents.

"I want to wear this princess dress for my pictures!"

"Cece, look at this balloon.  Isn't it pretty?"

. : photo by Ellie : .

Lynnie was excited to wear her birthday headband.  And not at all excited about taking a picture.

It's August and the weather is usually hot, hotter, and hottest.  Last night was a big thunderstorm, and it was raining at 8 a.m.  I was getting pretty nervous about Ellie's swimming party.  I even texted 2 of the moms and said we were probably going to move the party inside.  But, luckily, about half an hour before the party, the skies cleared up.  I texted those moms back and Greg got the slip-n-slide ready.  It was a little cool at the beginning, but we were good and hot after an hour outside.  (And it started storming again about 2 hours after the party was over -- perfect timing!)

Kylene had volunteered herself and Tobyn to come back and help with the party when she heard we had invited 14 little girls and 1 little boy to the party.  Ky and Tobyn were invaluable helpers!  Tobyn ran the slip-n-slide and let the kids splash him.  He even let them throw buckets of water on him.  Kylene held Cece while I was doing the last minute things, and then ran the gift opening and helped each little girl assemble her treat bag.  Ky even swept my floor after all of the cupcakes and snacks were eaten!

We were excited that Kyralyn was coming to the party.  Ellie picked the cherry swimsuit that was a hand-me-down from Kyralyn to wear.


Kyralyn & Ellie

Ky & Cece


Annie & Maleah

Annie, Alanna, Hannah, & Maddie


Alanna and Ellie found a preying mantis and they were fascinated.

Davis & Alanna

Ellie loves her friends, and she was very happy to have a party with all of them here.  But she was most excited that Tayler was coming with Piper and Hudson!  

Kennedy & Ellie


Hope (and she had a great time, I promise!)

It's present time!

Davis & Raegan

Aunt Amy and Madelyn

Sometimes you realize there are a lot of children running around and you just need a little alone time.  And always, always, Daddy helps you.

After presents, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out a candle (for the third time in less than 24 hours!).

I was a little crazy and got hair bows, nail polish, and lip gloss for the treat bags, and then I wanted all of the girls to pick their own.  Ky was in charge of assembly, but it was taking longer than I expected.  Nice Tayler saw what was happening and jumped right in to speed up the process.  And don't worry--I got Davis his own treat bag with fake teeth.  Elizabeth was really excited.

Funny moment during snack time.  Madelyn, whose mom is The Sweet Tooth Fairy, brought me her cupcake and said she didn't want it.  I don't blame her.  I'm not quite up to Megan's standards!

And then the party was over.  But we got to spend a few more hours with Tayler.  Ellie wanted Tayler to give her a bath and even had T pick out her outfit and do her hair.

Then Ellie got to open her presents from Tayler.  Piper found Ellie's coat and Tayler said she looked like a female Hagrid--haha!

I think she loved it!

Mom Julie and Hailey also came by for a few minutes and brought even more presents.  What a day, filled with family, friends, and fun!

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