Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

It is finally here.  The first day of Kindergarten!  Ellie has been anticipating this day for months.  Now that it is here, she is experiencing a range of emotions: excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, and joy.  

School starts at 8 a.m., which means we are adjusting our morning routine and I got to wake up all of the girls early.  I love that these sweet sisters are almost always wrapped up together.  They love to snuggle.

Let's take a closer look at that.

After getting ready, we headed outside to take pictures.  Ellie wanted to stand in the same spot where we had taken preschool pictures last year.

When we got in the car to drive to school, Ellie got pretty nervous.

Brave girl gave me a big smile as soon as the camera started clicking.

Lynnie thought it was pretty fun to be taking Ellie to school.

And Cece is always up for anything!

Since it was our first day, we decided not to fight the drop-off traffic, but just parked on the side street and walked Ellie in to school.

And then she was walking in her room!  I was proud of how, even though she was nervous, Ellie just walked right in and up to her teacher.

She found her desk with her name on it. 

I couldn't bring myself to leave yet (along with about 10 other Kindergarten parents, huddled around the door).  I was pretty teary-eyed watching this brave, grown-up girl embarking on her school adventure.  Greg finally had to drag me away.

Lynnie kept Cece entertained for those couple of minutes while we were watching through the doorway.

While we were at home waiting for Ellie to be done on her first day, Lynnie drew on the chalkboard.  She drew a picture of herself and Daddy swinging Puppy.

It was exciting to pick up Ellie and hear all about her fabulous morning.  She was very informative, and gave us a good play by play.  When I asked her if she made any friends (something she was most worried about), she said that she really liked a girl named Piper, but Piper sits at the green table and Ellie sits at the purple table, but they could still be friends and talk lots, and it was so awesome to make a friend named Piper, you know, like Tayler's Piper.  As soon as we got home, I took more pictures of Ellie with my phone so I could have some pictures to text to Tayler and post to Instagram.  Just as we were finishing, Grandma Camp pulled up.

Grandma was a good listener and got to hear all about Ellie's day.  After talking for a few minutes and eating lunch, Ellie had the idea to make kites.  Grandma remembered how to make kites from when she was a little girl, and we got crafting.  I helped Ellie and Grandma helped Lynnie.  Soon we were in the backyard, flying those kites!

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