Friday, August 15, 2014

Fun Times

Ellie got money for her birthday for the first time, and so we had a lesson on tithing, saving, and spending money.  Greg and I like the system we both grew up with:  10% for tithing, 50% for saving, and 40% for spending.  Ellie was very excited to put her spending money in her wallet and plan a shopping trip.

Cece loves her jumper.  She is constantly in motion when she is playing in there!

Lynnie loves to wear skirts.  So much so, that this day she is wearing a dress and four more skirts on top.

Tayler gave Ellie a set of seven puzzles for her birthday.  Ellie wanted to put them together, all by herself.  She did a great job!

Aunt Amy gave the girls these cute shirts from Oman.  Lynnie purposefully gave me mad looks.  She wasn't really mad.  Silly girl!

A few minutes later, she asked me to take her picture and she was all smiles.

Cece likes to hold her bottle by herself.  Not all of the time, but enough that it is becoming a pattern.

She loves to cross her feet.  So cute!

It's been too long since we had a park day, so Ellie packed us a picnic and we were off.  Cece was not sure if she liked the swing today.

Lynnie was teasing me and wouldn't hold still for a picture.  Her giggle as she was running away was infectious!

Pushing Puppy and the Pig Rattle (the best we could do for another stuffed animal) on the swings.

Oooh, what's this?

I love capturing moments like this, even with just my phone.  Moments of pure joy and fun.

Baby legs are scrumptious!

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