Friday, August 22, 2014


There is a charter school 2 miles from our house that is a World Language School, and it offers Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.  I want all of us, especially Lynlee, to learn Spanish, and the school gives us the perfect opportunity.  The best way to get Lynnie into Renaissance is to get Ellie in.

There is a lottery process, and Ellie started at #97 on the waiting list.  There was gradual movement all summer, and she was down to #45 on Wednesday.

I had hopes that she would make it in, and I was preparing her that she would start at Fox Hollow and maybe get to switch schools after a week or two.  So we went to Back to School Night at Fox Hollow on Monday.  In the packet of papers, Ellie had her first homework assignment.  She was so excited about it that we did it first thing Tuesday morning, before breakfast.

Ellie made a self portrait, complete with a shirt and skirt she cut out, leggings and gloves that she drew, and turtle and heart stickers.  She even drew nail polish and a bracelet.

Ellie had her kindergarten assessment at Fox Hollow on Wednesday morning.  Greg was in Chicago for a business trip on Monday so he had missed Back to School night.  He volunteered to take Ellie so he could meet Miss Johnson and see her classroom.  Ellie did well at her assessment, and came home with a larger homework packet.  She immediately started cutting out her flash cards.

Wednesday night while I was fixing dinner, I got an email offering Ellie a conditional spot at Renaissance, first come, first serve.  I replied within 10 minutes saying we would love an unconditional offer.  That offer came back in another 10 minutes.  I hopped online and accepted the offer.  Hooray!  The requirements were to bring in all of the completed paperwork first thing in the morning.  The only problem with that is that our printer is broken.  It has been broken for over a year, and it is usually not a big deal.  I really don't print that many things, and if I do need something, I email it to Greg and he prints it at work.

I had a parent orientation meeting that night for Ellie's new music class, and Hailey came over to babysit.  I asked her if I could take a few minutes more to run to grandma's house to use their printer, but Hailey volunteered her printer.  I texted Julie, emailed her the files, and went off to my meeting.  After my meeting, I ran in the pouring rain to Julie's door.  We chatted for about 10 minutes, and then both of our phones started buzzing.  Hailey was very polite in my text, saying "just wanted you to know that all of your girls are still awake.  We've been having so much fun."  Her text to her mom was hilarious: "Stop talking to Heather!  You know I want to go to bed by 9!"

I went home :)

After getting the girls to bed, I texted all of my friends with children at Renaissance to get tips on the best place to get the uniforms and looked online for the best prices.  Then I got the 30+ pages of paperwork completed and went to bed.

Ellie and I got up early Thursday morning and went to turn in her paperwork.  The staff at Renaissance were very friendly and eased some of Ellie's fears.  Starting Kindergarten is a big deal, and switching gears made her a little nervous.  We got to meet Ellie's teacher and she was excited!  We went home, picked up her sisters, and headed to Old Navy for a one-stop shop.

We scheduled another kindergarten assessment for Friday morning at 9.  Greg was able to take her again (and she was excited to wear one of her brand new uniforms) and Ellie had fun playing with Mrs. Holmgren.  I asked Greg to get some pictures (since I forgot to have him do it at Fox Hollow) and he got some real gems.

Kindergarten starts Monday at 8 a.m.  Here's to the new adventure!

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Linder said...

Ah I am feeling envious :) We have a charter school close by that has a Spanish immersion but we didn't make the lottery or the wait list. Exciting for your girls!


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