Saturday, August 9, 2014


I spent some time with Kaysen and Cece on Thursday while Ellie and Lynnie played with Kami B.  Cece looks so grown up sitting in a restaurant high chair, just chewing on her straw!

Our friend Caity, who we met through Kyle, Jonette, and Kylene, had invited us to her wedding on Saturday morning at the Logan Temple.  We had talked about going, and made the final decision Thursday afternoon to go for it.  We were excited to support Caity, and even more excited to spend the night with Kyle, Jonette, Kylene, and Kiera.

Kylene drove to Lehi from Cedar City and hopped in the truck with us for the rest of the way.  The girls loved having Ky with us!  Kyle had made a big deal out of the fact that their group was going to be in Logan by 1, and Ky could only come with us if we could get her there by 1, so that they could maximize the time spent with her.

We were there before 1.

They got to town around 2:50.

We had a nice, leisurely lunch and tried to check in to the hotel early (but our room wasn't ready yet).

The restaurant had really good gelato.

Lynnie was excited to see Macy, but Cece was not at all sure about this whole dog thing.

These next 2 pictures were by Lynnie.

After getting checked in, Greg, Kyle, Ellie, and Lynnie went swimming.  Lynnie was showing me how strong she is and how she could pull her whole body up on this bar.

Ellie has no fear and swam her heart out.

Kyle was showing Lynnie how to squirt water with her fist.

Um, I think housekeeping missed the shoes from a previous guest.  Oops.

Caity and John had their reception Friday night, in a beautiful old church that has been converted to a reception hall.

Jonettet, Kyle, Heather, Cece, Greg, Adrian Fluckiger, Kiera

Because we decided so late to go, the only room available in the hotel where Kyle and Jonette had a reservation was a king-bed suite.  We had a jacuzzi tub that took up half of the room.  And somehow I missed taking a picture of it!  We brought the air mattress for the girls.  Lynnie loved borrowing Cece's zebra sleeping bag, and got it all wrapped up around herself.

When you're in a hotel room, anything is a toy.

Ky and Kiera stayed with the girls while we attended the sealing Saturday morning.  The Logan temple is beautiful!  This is only the second time I have ever been to Logan, and the first time was also for a wedding at the temple, back in 1995 or something like that.

After the sealing, we checked out of the hotel and headed to the Ogden Temple Open House.  Jonette's friends the Fluckigers had gotten tickets to the open house, and we tagged along on their reservation.

. : touching the temple : .

Some of Greg's parents best friends are the Bells.  When Kiera was itty bitty, she was fascinated with the name Judy Bell.  She wanted her parents to name Kaysen "Judy Bell."  She has decided that she wants to name one of her own daughters Judy Bell.

But Kiera has never actually met Judy Bell.

Until today!

We found them in the Tabernacle and went through the Open House with them.  Kiera felt like she had a celebrity sighting!  

The sweet missionary took our picture multiple times.  Finally, we just called it quits.  This is as good as it gets, folks.

Ah, a nap!

It was a wonderful trip, and I am really glad we went!  It was wonderful to see Caity and support her, and wonderful to spend some real time with Kyle, Jonette, and their girls.

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