Monday, August 4, 2014

Photo Shoot

Grandma Linda told Tayler to make sure and take pictures of all of little ones while we had them together.  What a great idea!  Greg was holding Cece and said he would bring her out in a minute, and we got started with the other children.

Ellie loves telling me that she is the oldest in our family, and the oldest in Tayler's family.  Just like Tayler (who is the oldest sibling in her family).  She loves every connection and similarity she has with her birth mom!
Tayler's beautiful children
. : Piper was not at all happy about taking pictures : .

We tried a new location to see if that would help.  Piper wanted to sit on the big rock.  Until everyone was actually on the big rock.  Lynnie had given us such beautiful smiles before, and now she told me she was grumpy and would only give frowny faces.

. : whew!  this is hard work : .

. : and Piper was done : .

We realized it was 2:30 p.m. and we hadn't really had lunch, so we packed everyone up and headed out.  Ellie picked Cafe Rio.  After a lunch where Lynnie cried the whole time and Hudson had a nap, we tried to take pictures again.

Getting 5 children ages 2 months - 5 years old to all look at the camera at once proved to be an impossible feat.  But I love all of these pictures!  It is just real.  And they are darling. 

. : look at these angels : .

. : Cece was fascinated by Hudson : .

. : why is he crying? : .

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