Monday, August 18, 2014


Cecilia makes the cutest face lately, where she pulls in her upper lip.  It is my favorite!

The Morrows invited us over for dessert, and Hailey took the girls in the backyard to see the chickens.  Lynnie said chickens are her favorite animal now.

Ellie made a basket -- twice!

We decided to go to the Farm today, but when we got over to the parking lot the girls voted on the Dinosaur Museum instead.  But, first, we had to get ice cream cones.  Lynnie's kiddie cone is free.  Ellie's is 25 cents, minus my 10% member's discount, plus tax, for a grand total of 23 cents.  It's a deal!

The Tinkering Room has been changed to a Building Room, with hundreds of blocks.  And couches along the walls.  The girls started on their own castle, and then Ellie made friends with the little boy next to us, and helped complete his masterpiece.

There was a sink.

. : Lynnie was teasing me and trying to hide behind Ellie : .

There was a couch.  And a TV.

On the tail end of our walk-through, Lynnie was dragging a little.  I gave her my phone and asked her to take pictures.  About 100 later (mostly of the carpet), she directed me to stand by the shark, and took this masterpiece.

We were the only ones in the sand pits, and the girls happily played for about 20 minutes.

As we walked out to leave, we saw our friends Sierra, Allie, Maddie, Annie, and Ginnie Hansen just paying to go in.  We decided to go back around with them for a few minutes until we needed to leave for Back to School Night.  It was a perfect opportunity to spend those 45 minutes!  I had been trying to stretch it out, and this worked great.  The girls built more masterpieces in the Building Room and we wandered around a little bit before it was time to go.  As we left, we ran into the Tophams.  Ellie was in heaven that she saw so many of her friends at the museum!

Then we went straight to Back to School Night.  In all of the excitement, I forgot to take a single picture.  Ellie was really nervous, but once we met her teacher and walked around the room, that nervousness turned completely into excitement.  And it doesn't hurt that while we were checking out the kindergarten playground, Kennedy and Maleah Schofield showed up!  Maleah is in the kindergarten class right next door, and the girls already have big plan to line up next to each other and play together at recess.

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