Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sad Girls. And a Massive Hailstorm. And a Luau Party.

Ellie feels things strongly.  She can melt in a matter of seconds.  I don't remember why she was upset this day.  Lynnie captured these fabulous pictures.

Ellie had her first Let's Play Music class today with Miss Sheryl.  I get to go with her every other week.  She did great following directions and singing the songs.  This is going to be a fun class!

Later that afternoon, Lynnie told me she was just really sad because she missed Grandma Great.  Lynnie has been full of questions lately about heaven and what happens when we die.  She asked me to take a picture of her sad face.

 Lynnie wanted to send a picture to Tovin, and of course she had to take it herself.  Tovin sent one back, so Lynnie took some more.  It was like snapchat, only via text.  I'm not cool enough to have snapchat!


Greg, Cece, and I dropped the big girls off at a Primary Luau Party, and got home just in time to see a crazy hailstorm.  It came down so hard and so fast!  It put holes in the zucchini plants and knocked a lot of peaches off of our tree.

. : it all happened with blue skies : .

The girls were excited about their outfits for the party.  Ellie wore a dress she got for her birthday.  It was waaay too big, so we put on a ribbon, pulled the dress up and through to make a ruffle, and put another ribbon on top for a belt.

Lynnie wore her "Tammy" outfit.  She calls it that because it looks like something that Tammy would wear -- white pants and an orange shirt.

The girls had a great time at the party, and came home with WAY too much candy.

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