Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week of Fun

Cece is not a fan of food.  I try to feed her in her high chair once or twice a day.  She drinks rice cereal mixed into every single bottle, so she is very familiar with the flavor.  She will not eat it very well from a spoon.  The only success I have had with her is to mash up little bits of banana and mix that with a little cereal.  But she will only eat it off of my finger.  She will even grab my finger and pull it into her mouth.  Put the same food on the spoon, and it is a no go.

 Ellie wanted to swim in the pool in the backyard.  Sounds like fun!  And even more fun was getting the big green and white umbrella and having an impromptu picnic, complete with bubbles.

Cece is always happy as long as she is touching me or can see where I am.

Ellie loves to jump in the pool.

Lynnie made a boat out of a wipes box.  She loved driving it.

Cece loved watching Lynnie color.  She is a good talker and kept us very entertained.

Cece still pretty much hates being on her tummy.  She has started rolling over in her sleep, which wakes her up because she is mad.  Most of the time she will go back to sleep.

Cece liked little bits of fresh peach--again off of my finger.

Lynnie loves to dress up!  She also has started carrying around a second puppy.  He is a boy puppy named Sugary Tanner.  She has dressed Sugary in about 8 pieces of Cece's clothing.

Kiera came into town with her roommate for the weekend.  She has had a week of classes at Idaho State University and is loving the college life so far.

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Elizabeth said...

Sugary Tanner? I would love to know the origin of that name!!


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