Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our Week

Ellie loves to look at new apps and then beg for me to get some.  I say no 99% of the time.  She always finds this Strawberry Shortcake app that costs $14.99.  (Seriously!)  I told her she could do some extra chores if she wanted to earn some money to buy it.  First chore -- clean the cold air returns.  She worked pretty hard at for about 10 minutes, and then wanted a new chore.  I had her try to dust the blinds.  She was not a fan of that, either.  She went back to the cold air return, and did a successful job to earn $1.

And she was done for the day.

"Do you want a banana?  Check 'yes' or 'no'."

It is time for violin lessons again!  This year, Lynnie was ready to start as well.  Cece was so good as we watched the big girls have their lessons.

Hello, there, beautiful!

Poor Puppy Elizabeth got another owie.  Lynnie trusted me to sew it up this time, and even took pictures of the process.

Cece's favorite food is cantaloupe.

Lynnie started her "big girl" Kindermusik class today.  She gets to go all by herself.  The moms are invited to come for the last 5 minutes, and Lynnie was excited to show off for Cece.

Oh, you know, just walking to preschool all by herself.

And then coming back up the driveway to try again.

. : showing off her picture : .

. : Ellie before her Let's Play Music class : .

I get to go with Ellie to LPM every other week.  Kari has been gracious enough to watch Lynnie and Cece for me the two times I have gone so far.  Cece just cries the whole time.  Poor Cael is not quite sure how to play with his "date."  And poor Kari tries so hard to keep Cece happy.

It is Stake Conference weekend, and we kicked it off with a Stake Presidency social Friday night.  The Hollands offered to host, and we had a great time with our potluck dinner.  We forgot to bring camp chairs, so we ate on the deck stairs.

Lynnie took lots of pictures of Puppy Elizabeth.

Ellie loved playing in the Hollands awesome backyard.  Until she came crying up to tell us that she hurt her toe on the trampoline.  She said she bent it back and it was pretty painful.  Her toe was red and kind of swelled up.  We put ice on it and after a few minutes she was ready to play again.

I was so proud of Lynnie.  She played in the yard, adjacent to the other children.  She dug in the sand box and jumped on the trampoline.  And when Renee put Frozen on in their theater room, Lynnie went down all by herself and got a chair.  She stayed and watched with a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl, while Ellie was playing with Summer.

. : eating Gooey Butter and vanilla ice cream : .

When it started to get dark it cooled off outside, so we moved the party inside.  The adults played a game had a getting-to-know-you-activity while the children played in the basement.  We decided to play 2 Truths and A Lie.  Here was my entry.  Can you tell my lie?

1.  I had a scholarship in college for playing the oboe.
2.  My sister married our mom's sister's husband's brother.
3.  I have traveled to all 50 states.

Here is Ellie's toe on Saturday.  It bruised up pretty deeply.  We put essential oils on it and kept it taped up, and it healed pretty quickly.

My lie was #3.  I've only been to 46 states.  I'm missing Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.


Magson said...

I knew the lie when I saw it, but I hadn't realized you'd been to 46 states. I'm still missing Connecticut, Delaware, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Alaska myself.

I know.... Mom and Dad say I've been to DE and CT on long-ago trips when I was really little, but I don't count it if I don't remember it.

Heather said...

Jon, didn't we drive across the border and take a picture by the sign in North Carolina? On our trip to disney world in high school. Or was that South Carolina?

HappyCamper said...

It was North Carolina. And I got it right also.


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