Friday, October 31, 2014


Tammy stopped by to see the girls' costumes, and we were glad to put her to work taking a picture of our whole family.

Ellie ~ Hawaiian Princess
Lynnie ~ Giselle from Enchanted or Buttercup from The Princess Bride (she couldn't decide and they both have blue dresses)
Cece ~ Tinkerbell

We were finally painting our pumpkins.  We were going to do it for Family Home Evening last Monday, but the night got away from us.  Lynnie painted her pumpkin and Ellie did all of the other ones.  She was very creative in making different mouths -- a spooky mouth for Dad's pumpkin, a silly mouth for mine, a happy mouth for hers, and a crying mouth for Cece's pumpkin.

Lynnie wore this costume when she was almost 1, and she hated the Tinkerbell wings as well.  I bet it is kind of disconcerting to have those things sticking up on the back of your head.

After pictures, it was time to hit the road.  Ellie picked the blanket from Grandma Great for Cece in the stroller.

For the first house, Lynnie wanted Daddy's help, in case the dog got out (it did).

But after that, Lynnie was happy to go with Ellie while Greg, Cece, and I waited on the sidewalk.  She would ask before walking up to every door if there was a dog there.  We always said no.  And we were right 98% of the time.

Ellie and Lynnie are incredibly sweet with each other.  Ellie is a little bit faster as she walks, but she always waited for Lynnie to catch up before ringing the doorbell.

We always manage to stop at Mom-Julie's house and get invited inside for a little visit.  It's an annual tradition!  Ellie and Lynnie stayed busy answering the door for the trick-or-treaters while the adults visited.

We had so much fun at the Morrow's house that we stayed a little long for Cece.  After we left, I just hurried Cece home while Greg finished trick-or-treating with Ellie and Lynnie.  Cece was just finishing eating her dinner when they got home, and I got her in the bath and in bed while Greg finished making our pizza for dinner.  Ellie and Lynnie were in charge of answering our door, and they did a great job.  I think that was their favorite part of the night!  They left the door open and sat on the porch, just waiting for friends to come.  Ellie was so sincere and genuine, and would always say things like, "I love your costume!" or "Have a great Halloween!"

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 27 - 30

The Halloween party at Kindermusik was a success!  I love that Lynnie gets to go to class by herself, and then I get to join her for the last few minutes of class.  The timing is just perfect.  Tayler and I drop off our girls at class, put her baby in my car, and we all drive to pick up Ellie from Kindergarten.  We get back just in time for the sharing portion of Kindermusik.  Lynnie got to choose a treat from each friend.  Her favorite treat was a clementine orange that had a jack-o-lantern face drawn on it (thanks, Mary!).  She carried it around for days, until it was all dried up.

Ellie thought Cece needed her hood up.  I think it didn't quite fit on her head.  She needs such a big head to hold all of her smart brains!

On Tuesday morning, we had Cece's 9 month well-child check.  I thought Greg would not be able to make it since he had a busy day at work, but he managed to surprise us and got there right as we were walking back.

. : the doctor's office can be traumatic : .

Who is this?

Mom, why is she looking at me?

Help, already!

More pictures from the tire store.  Cece takes really good selfies.

I picked these shirts up last year on clearance.  By the time I found them, we had one opportunity to wear them, and we took.  The girls also sported the clips Kelly Meiners made for them--a ghost for Ellie and a spider for Lynnie.  They looked pretty cute!

Cece is always so good at violin lessons.  She was fascinated with the diaper bag this time, and just wanted to pull on all of the straps.  It's also a good picture to show how lucky we have been with this mild fall.  Cece is wearing 9-12 month sized clothes, and all she has are summer outfits as hand-me-downs from Ellie.  Lynnie skipped over this size, except for the dresses.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 20-25

Lynnie took some great selfies with her freshly applied lip gloss.

Ellie and I made a Word Girl costume for Hero Day at school.  I loved that she picked this costume idea, and that we were able to put the costume together fairly easily.

Lynnie and I made a rain hat for her Kindermusik class.  We sewed on dolphin "earrings" made out of beads.

Cece was hungry while we were shopping, so I tried to make it easier for her to drink her milk.  She did not like this at all, so I sat her back up.  She held her bottle and was content.

Ellie was playing at Rachel's house, and we walked over to pick her up.  Lynnie was the leader and she took her job very seriously.

While we were picking up Ellie from her music class, Lynnie figured out how to open up the sun roof.  When we got home, the girls happily played with their heads sticking up.  It brought back memories of when Kiera and Kaysen were little and we would drive home from church with them standing up on the arm rest, their heads out of the open window.

We were excited to go to Cornbelly's with Albert and Kanisha, and {R}.  I invited Tayler and her family as well, but she had to work that day.  We had a good time exploring and playing, especially going down slides.

Greg got Lynnie to go down this slide all by herself--the first time she's ever done a slide without holding on to someone's hand.

Kanisha is always very kind and will take Lynnie and Ellie anywhere they want to go.  She went up the net ladders and down these slides at least a dozen times.

Cece was laughing at {R}, and you can see that her bottom two teeth are just about through!

My favorite thing was the tractor ride.  Albert, Kanisha, and Lynnie went in one car, and {R}, Cece, Ellie, Greg, and I went in another.  Ellie took some great pictures on our ride.

After a negative experience going through a "dragon balloon" (a big, blow-up dragon that was a pitch-black maze inside), we headed to the Pumpkin Princess Playground.  This was much more our speed.

Kanisha took Lynnie to the Royal Closet to get a dress-up.  Lynnie said afterwards this was her favorite part of the day.

Greg tried valiantly to get Cece to take a nap, all to no avail.  Just when we thought she was asleep, her eyes would pop open again.

. : The Pumpkin Princess : .


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