Saturday, October 18, 2014

Adventures in American Fork Canyon

Our family adventure today was to drive up the canyon and have a bbq.  The leaves were so gorgeous, and the weather was perfect.  The girls were imaginative and playful, and entertained themselves and us!

So many memories with this little hibachi!  It was our only grill for many years in our marriage.  We never upgraded, because it was perfect for two people.  Greg cooked up some tasty hamburger sliders and grilled zucchini today.

The girls were fishing with their sticks and then they grilled up the fish they caught.

Cece always manages to stick a foot up when she is sitting in the stroller.  And she gnawed on this carrot stick for at least 10 minutes.

Lynnie wouldn't smile for me...

The girls wanted to build a fire.  Someone had left this block of pressed wood, so Greg got it chopped apart.  It was pretty wet, so it gave us lots of smoke.

Ellie roasted leaves.  I love the dirt smudges on her face!

Now they upgraded -- Lynnie is roasting a pickle and Ellie is roasting a hot dog.

After the fire burned down it was time for a walk.  The girls had brought their jump ropes to work as climbing ropes.  Ellie tied it around her waist and climbed the first rock she found.

Daddy snuck around the rock and surprised them with a "peek-a-boo!"

I'm the queen of the world!

When we crossed this bridge, Ellie turned into the grumpy old troll and we had to solve her riddle to get across.  Thank you, Dora!

The paved trail didn't last long, so Greg took Ellie and Lynnie up the path.  Cece and I tried to follow, but the stroller couldn't off-road very far.

They found another rock to climb.

On the walk back, we tried to use the jump rope as a jump rope.  That is a tricky skill we still need to work on!

After we packed up, cleaned up, and loaded up, we drove the Alpine Loop to get home.  The trees and the colors were absolutely gorgeous.  I caught these pictures as we were driving.

The biggest adventure of the day came when we came to a crossroads and turned left.  We should have turned right.  We ended up above Heber, on a crazy-bumpy-washboardy-dirt road.  We were singing and laughing and making the "uhhhh" sound over the worst parts.  It was the best part of the day!  Cece even managed to catch a little catnap, until a particularly big bump woke her up.  Greg teased Ellie that we were lost and she got a little sad, so we found a wide spot in the road and turned around.  After stopping at Cascade Springs for a potty break and to get some snacks out of the back of the truck, everyone was happy again.  This was a fabulous day!

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