Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 27 - 30

The Halloween party at Kindermusik was a success!  I love that Lynnie gets to go to class by herself, and then I get to join her for the last few minutes of class.  The timing is just perfect.  Tayler and I drop off our girls at class, put her baby in my car, and we all drive to pick up Ellie from Kindergarten.  We get back just in time for the sharing portion of Kindermusik.  Lynnie got to choose a treat from each friend.  Her favorite treat was a clementine orange that had a jack-o-lantern face drawn on it (thanks, Mary!).  She carried it around for days, until it was all dried up.

Ellie thought Cece needed her hood up.  I think it didn't quite fit on her head.  She needs such a big head to hold all of her smart brains!

On Tuesday morning, we had Cece's 9 month well-child check.  I thought Greg would not be able to make it since he had a busy day at work, but he managed to surprise us and got there right as we were walking back.

. : the doctor's office can be traumatic : .

Who is this?

Mom, why is she looking at me?

Help, already!

More pictures from the tire store.  Cece takes really good selfies.

I picked these shirts up last year on clearance.  By the time I found them, we had one opportunity to wear them, and we took.  The girls also sported the clips Kelly Meiners made for them--a ghost for Ellie and a spider for Lynnie.  They looked pretty cute!

Cece is always so good at violin lessons.  She was fascinated with the diaper bag this time, and just wanted to pull on all of the straps.  It's also a good picture to show how lucky we have been with this mild fall.  Cece is wearing 9-12 month sized clothes, and all she has are summer outfits as hand-me-downs from Ellie.  Lynnie skipped over this size, except for the dresses.

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