Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September 30 - October 7

Ellie told me she made a new bed under Cece's crib and wanted to play with Cece under there.

Later in the day, the project grew and morphed into Ellie and Lynnie's new bedroom.  They happily played in there for a long time while Cece and I were sorting her clothes, putting away the 6-9 month clothes and getting out the 9-12 month clothes.

. : happy girl likes to eat, most of the time, now : .

Cece was almost asleep and had both hands tucked up under her ears, with her elbows in the air.  Greg tried to sneak up to take a picture of her cuteness, and she moved.  

Ellie was playing at Annie's house, and we walked over to pick her up.  It was sunny and a perfect temperature, but of course it was super windy--more than I expected--and it was a little much for Cece.  She was a trooper, though, even when we got home with cold hands.  Lynnie decided she was big enough to go and knock on the door all by herself.  It took her almost 2 minutes to get up there, but once she knocked she spoke clearly to Sierra and said it was time for Ellie to come home.

Cece's hair is starting to get longer, and her curls are really coming out!

Where's Cece?


The big girls have dance class on Thursdays at 1, and for two weeks in a row we have run into Uncle Daniel and his HIVES class at the Legacy Center.  Today, Dan told me, "Hedit, bring Geg.  My house.  Morrow." 

Lynnie always manages to figure out a way to ride on the stroller.  Smart girl!

Just helping Ellie practice her Let's Play Music assignment.  And a little violin practice after that.

Ellie and Lynnie made a secret hide-out in their closet.  They pushed the clothes over and packed an impressive amount of toys, plus themselves, into the little space.  So many giggles came out of that closet!

Friday was our first parent-teacher conference for Ellie.  Lynnie brought a book to read, and very carefully colored in the dolphins on the front and back pages while we waited to meet with Mrs. Holmgren.

. : Ellie's desk : .

It was great to meet with Mrs. Holmgren and hear that Ellie is doing fantastic in Kindergarten.  Mrs. Holmgren said that Ellie is silly when it is time to be silly, and focuses when it is time to focus.  She showed us examples of her handwriting and art, and said that she is doing exceptionally well with reading.  A great report!

Afterwards, I followed Daniel's instructions and brought Greg to see him.  Grandpa and Grandma just bought a new travel trailer, and it was fun to get a tour.  The big girls loved playing on the top bunk of the bunk beds.  It had a light that they could turn on and off.  So. much. fun!

Then Ellie thought that eating at JCW's would be a great end to our Family Date.  While we were waiting for our food, Cece had the biggest blow-out she has ever had.  It was pretty epic.  Luckily I had an extra onesie in the diaper bag.  And she was pretty happy afterwards :)

General Conference weekends are the best!  We love to listen to the prophet and the apostles.

One of the many reasons I love this weekend?  Greg is home with us the whole time.  No meetings on Sunday.

I love watching Lynlee's creativity.  She built this great tower this morning out of her special dolphins and the penguin {M} gave her.

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