Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Contact Miracle

I have dry eyes and I wear gas permeable contact lenses.  Normally, there is no issue except that I blink a lot.  And I can't wear eye make-up.  So really, it's no big deal.  It's not enough of an issue that I can get over my aversion to having my eyes messed with and following my eye doctor's suggestion of having a "brief, out-patient surgery" where, in essence, a sliver is placed in the drains in my eyes, so that the tears my eyes produce actually stay in my eyes.  

A sliver.


So, like I said, dry eyes are no big deal.

Cece is a really good baby.  Except when she's not.  Picking up Ellie from school is always fun.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Lynnie is with us and the girls keep each other entertained.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Cece will either fall asleep for a few minutes or be vocal about that fact that she is alone in the back seat.

Last Tuesday, Cece was having a lonely day, so after we were parked in the pick-up line, I got out of my seat and talked with her in the back seat.  Her car seat is in the middle, so I was leaning over to get close to her and play with her.  Cece was being so cute and animated and waving her hands around.

One hand smacked me in my right eye, and my contact fell out.

I heard it clunk.

I looked and looked.  I could not find it.

Cece was crying because I wasn't talking to her anymore.  The kindergarteners were coming out of the school.

I was trying to stay calm and methodically look, praying the whole time, and nothing was helping.

Then Ellie was there, and I told her what happened.  She said, "remember when you lost your contact in the shower at Uncle Kyle's house and it stuck on your face?  It's not on your face now.  Maybe you should say a prayer."

I told her that I had said several prayers, and she offered to take a turn.  I decided it was fruitless to search anymore with the chaos happening around us, so I buckled Ellie in and drove home with my right eye closed.  Ellie said a very sweet prayer while we were driving.  After she said amen, she told me she was sure I was going to find my contact now.

I pulled in the garage and carefully got the girls out.  I especially looked Cece over and brushed off her clothes.  Ellie and Cece played happily in the garage while I went over the car very carefully.

And then the miracle happened.  I spotted that little circle.  I was in the half light in the garage and there wasn't enough light.  But my contact seemed to blink at me.  Can you see it? 

No?  Here's a closer look.

Here it is again, with the flash on my camera.  Ignore the crumbs...

I used a q-tip to fish it out, cleaned it up, and all is right again.

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