Saturday, November 8, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza

Lynnie Lu had been counting down the days, and her 4th birthday had finally arrived!  First on the agenda was to open presents.  Ellie loves to help, and Lynnie is really patient with it.  We had to keep reminding them that it was Lynnie's turn to open her own presents.

Most of the present opening looked like this:

The best present was an Elsa dress with an Elsa necklace, and...

...a bonus, matching dress and necklace for Ellie.

Lynnie was genuinely excited to share with Ellie and to match.  They are such good girls, and such good sisters.

Of course we had to put on Let It Go and have a dance party.

And the girls posed with their best Queen Elsa faces.

Next up for the day was a Primary Program Practice with a Pizza Party.  When I got to the church to pick them up at the end of the party, they were calmly sitting together in the middle of the gym while other children were running everywhere. I should have backed up and taken a picture of the whole gym to get all of the action. Oh, well.

After the party, we had just enough time to finish decorating the cake for the party.  It was Lynnie's first friend party and it was a lot of fun.

Her friends came at 1:30 and family members started trickling in after 2:30.  Ellie was a good sister and had lots of ideas for party games.  She also liked directing the activities.

Opening presents was a group activity.

Lynnie loved that Albert and Kanisha came to her party.

We had three surprise party crashers.  Kiera drove down from ISU and Ky and Tobyn came up from SUU.  It was awesome!

Lynnie's favorite present was an Elsa doll from Albert.

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