Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lynlee is 4 Years Old

At 4 years old, Lynlee Elizabeth

~ is wearing size 3-4 bottoms, size 5-6 tops, size 8 shoes
~ is willing to try any food, and especially loves her milk.  Her favorite foods are flour, green & red peppers, applesauce, clementine oranges, hot dogs, and steak.
~ is shy and prefers to be with people she already knows.  She has become increasingly brave this year and has settled in to her preschool class.  She will tell me almost every day that "no one was nice to me today" which means that no one talked to her.  Then we talk about how she needs to talk to her friends first and they will talk back with her.
~ prefers Ellie's friends Hope and Alanna, and will occasionally play with Ellie at those friends houses.  Lynnie Lu has had one official play date at Peyton's house.  When I picked her up, she said she had fun but it was a long time for her to be there.
~ is a teaser and pretty mischievous.  She keeps us laughing!
~ is extremely polite and uses her cute voice to say things like, "may I have more milk, please?" or "will you please take me to the bathroom?"
~ has a soul full of music.  She sings a lot and always amazes me with how many lyrics she remembers and how well she sings on pitch.
~ is a joy! We are so grateful that she is a part of her family.  We love her birth parents and are glad that they chose us to raise her.

Birthday Quiz
all answers by Lynnie Lu
Favorite food?  watermelon
Favorite snack?  anything dipped in flour
Favorite drink?  lemonade.  and milk, of course
Favorite treat?  Pirate Booty
Favorite color?  blue
Favorite stuffed animal?  Her puppy, named Panama Elsa Marissa, and the dolphin puppet, named Fuzzy Little Dolphin
Favorite TV show?  Little Einsteins
Favorite movie?  Frozen
Favorite song?  A Child's Prayer {Heavenly Father, are you really there?}
Best Friend?  Ellie
Favorite apps?  Temple Run 2 and Doodle Buddy
Classes/Lessons last year?  dance, Kindermusik, violin, swimming, and preschool  
Favorite animals?  dolphins and dogs
Favorite princesses?  Snow White, Jasmine and Elsa (even though she's a queen, mom, and not a princess)

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