Friday, November 7, 2014

November 2 - 7

Ah, Daylight Savings.  Not a fan.  Cece and I have a routine down, and it was all disrupted.  She normally wakes up around 7:15-7:30, but decided to wake up at 5:50 instead.  Then she normally naps a little in my arms during Sunday School (around 12:30), but was absolutely exhausted and cranky during Sacrament Meeting.  So I left Ellie and Lynnie in Mom-Julie's capable hands and hung out with Cece in a chair by the Stake Offices.  We took lots of pictures and texted {R} to keep ourselves entertained.  I got Cece to nap for about 20 minutes and then we were back in our meetings.

Greg was able to join us for Sunday School.  It's always fun to sit by him.

While I was making dinner, Ellie put Cece in the chair and then put out pillows in case she fell.

We have a crawler!

 Cece's favorite toy right now are the bells from Ellie's music class.  Ellie is happy to share, and Cece happily plays and plays and plays.  I'm not sure if we are just in a good stretch or if the miracle has happened, but Cece seems to be hearing everything.  Everything!  One example is these bells--she is attracted to them and likes their pretty sounds.

Lynnie put on quite a dance show for me and Cece.  She even got married to Dumbo and danced at their wedding.

Cece liked watching and practicing her new crawling skills.

Ellie got to be VIP in her class on Friday.  I am trying to be a gatekeeper and let less stuff come in the house (and organize, donate, and trash the things already inside).  I knew if we made a poster, Ellie would want to store that poster.  So we made her "poster" by taping pictures to the white board.  Ellie loved writing all of the labels, and it was easy to disassemble after school.  I love how she always writes her "d" backwards.  Ellie is really open about Tayler and their relationship, and she loves when Tayler comes to pick her up from school on Mondays.  She loved talking about all of her pictures, but especially her pictures with Tayler.  I love that she is so confident and secure with how many people love her!

The weather was gorgeous, and we had to play outside.

Cece was fascinated by the leaves, and of course tried to eat some of them.

Lynnie pretended to be a gorilla while she climbed on the rocks.

Ellie wanted to rake the leaves, and she carefully carried three tools through the house and into the backyard so we could all work together.  We don't actually own a leaf rake, so she brought a pitchfork and two garden rakes.  She even got a garbage bag.  Ellie is a worker!

Ellie found it hilarious to put leaves in Cece's hair.

To kick off Lynnie's birthday, I took Ellie and Lynnie to the SCERA to see a play based on the book Miss Nelson is Missing.  We have read the book before, and it is a great story of a teacher with an unruly class.  The teacher mysteriously disappears and a mean substitute whips the class into shape.  The book was great, and the play was great, but it was pretty scary to see the interpretation of the mean substitute.  The girls were enthralled by their first play, and when Miss Swamp came onstage in a puff of smoke, with lighting effects and scary music, they were overwhelmed.  Driving home, we were talking about the play, and Lynnie said, "that was like a scary present for my birthday.  But I liked it."

It was fun to meet the cast afterwards.  Lynnie told the actor that she was turning four on her birthday the next day.

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