Friday, December 12, 2014

Dance Recital

The dance recital is always exciting! Ellie and Lynnie love having Miss Kristin as their teacher. Miss Kristin is having a baby in March, so she is taking a break from teaching. We are going to take a break from dance -- if we can't have her, we don't want anyone!

Before leaving for the dress rehearsal, the girls gave me a preview of their dance.

We love Miss Kristin!

We were so excited that Albert and Kanisha could come and watch the girls perform.

Ellie and Lu knew their dance really well. Here is the video from the dress rehearsal. I was able to be very close to the stage and had a great angle of their dancing in the back row.


 On the actual night, Lynnie was excited that Albert and Kanisha were coming to watch. This is the first year that we have been on a big stage in an auditorium, so that was a fun new experience. They had all of the dancers stay backstage the whole time, and Albert & Kanisha got there after the girls were in their room. Lynnie told me later that she was sad that she couldn't find Albert & Kanisha in the audience, and that's why she wouldn't dance. Her attitude made for quite the experience. We heard lots of people around us commenting on her cute face. I was really proud of Ellie and how hard she tried to take care of her sister.


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