Friday, December 19, 2014

December 11 - 19

When we got to the Utah School for the Deaf to pick up Cece's new hearing aids, only one was ready for us.  I think that it will be easier (hopefully) to adjust to one ear at a time, so that is serendipitous.  Cece was not very excited about the whole process, but she was a pretty good sport.  Ellie took a couple of pictures, we did a quick sound booth, got lots of instructions on hearing aid care, and we were all done.

I requested zebra stripes on the ear mold, and it turned out pretty cute!

It was violin recital time!  Ellie and Lynnie both participated this year, shaking jingle bells on two songs, and playing the Twinkles (Ellie on the violin and Lynnie on her box violin).

. : talking to Aunt Bobi before the recital begins : .

. : Lynnie was not excited to play the bells on the last song ~ she laid down instead : .

Funny moments when they were playing the Twinkles:

Lynnie's favorite rhythm is Butterfly.  She was playing kind of lacklusterly until she heard the Butterfly rhythm, and then she perked right up and started sawing enthusiastically.

During the Very Tiny rhythm, Lynnie very matter-of-factly (and very loudly) said, "I need to go potty.  Hurry, I'm about to pee."  And all the while, she was playing away and never even paused.

She finished the song and we went to the potty.

. : holding hands on the way to Primary : .

. : we sure love our birth moms! : .

. : my attempt to get a picture of the girls in their Christmas shirts : .

. : sharing a toy with her friend Ginny : .

Greg took Ellie to school like normal, and then Lynnie, Cece and I came a few minutes later for the 8:15 a.m. start for the kindergarteners' Grinch Play.  When the classes started filing in, I was excited to see that Ellie's class would be on the front row.  But, of course, Ellie was on the complete opposite side of the stage from our seats!

After the play, Lynnie was excited to take a picture with Ellie.

This was Ellie's "Who" costume.  I tried to stick her hair up with pipe cleaners, and Ellie tried to help by bending the cleaners.

We got to pick up Cece's second hearing aid today.  We did a soundbooth test as well, and she responded to sounds as low as 30 decibels.  That was a success!

Our early intervention specialist, Lori, lent us a hearing aid halo to try and discourage Cece from grabbing at the hearing aids.  We tried it out twice, but it seems to create feedback on her hearing aids.  So I am back to watching her carefully and teaching her not to touch her ears.

Cece wakes up so happy from her naps.  It is really fun to see.

. : sister's hair styling time : .

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