Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22 - 23

I got Santa hats last year on clearance after Christmas, and we were excited to try them on.  The only problem is that Ellie and Lynnie have giant heads, and the child-sized hats won't fit them.  Oh, well.  Ellie liked helping Cece put her hat on.

We went to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point on Monday night, and after we got home and got everyone in bed, I slipped out to pick up the last few gifts for Christmas.  While I was gone, Lynnie woke up, sneaked down the hall, and went to sleep again.  Greg got these cute pictures before he put her back in bed.

This cutie loves to stand! And to drop toys down the side of the bed.

"Mom, take my picture and send it to {M}! And Albert & Kanisha."

Bath time is Cece's favorite time of the day.

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