Wednesday, December 10, 2014

November 30 - December 10

Life just keeps on going -- our beautiful, full, average lives.  Our girls are at such fun ages, and they are exploring and discovering and learning each day.  It is so fun to watch them.

A little game with Daddy in his office before church is always fun!

Cece loves the bath -- it is her favorite thing to do.

I made this angel ornament way back in my Bozeman days at a Relief Society activity.  We have always used it for the top of the tree.  But last year, I shopped some Christmas clearance and picked up a star topper.  Ellie was very sad that the angel had been replaced, until she realized that she could put the angel on the tree as an ornament.

. : daddy's little helpers : .

Greg had some meetings in Orlando, and I took the opportunity to go with him.  We have never been on a trip together without the girls, and it was hard for me to leave them home.  I knew they were in good hands, with Aunt Tammy and Grandma Camp heading up the babysitting team, but it was still hard.  I managed to have a lot of fun spending time with my honey in spite of missing my babies.

We left at 4:30 a.m. to catch our flight Tuesday morning, so Tammy spent the night on Monday.  We got to Orlando in the early afternoon and had some free time.  We found Downtown Disney, which is a free outdoor shopping mall with Disney touches, and spent a couple of hours walking around.

We took lots of pictures of the things we knew the girls would like and texted them to Tammy.

Tammy texted us back these cute pictures of the girls eating pizza for dinner.  Aunt Tammy is sure nice!

Our hotel room was on the 17th floor overlooking a beautiful pool area.  The girls wanted me to show it to them every time we Facetimed.

I've never understood why carpet in public buildings is always so loud and garish and ugly.

. : another update picture : .

We got back home around 9:30 p.m. Friday night.  Grandma had put the girls to bed, but then Lynnie snuck out and fell asleep in the hallway.  It was pretty fun to come home and see her there!

Greg was up bright and early Saturday morning to spend the day in training meetings with Elder D. Todd Christofferson.  He happily fed two girls milk when he got home in the afternoon.

One of the books Ellie had picked out for her school book order was an Elsa journal.  I loved coming home and seeing the pages that she had filled out.

Cece loves to get up on her knees and bounce.

. : blowing raspberries all day long : .

Ellie and Lynnie took turns painting each other's faces.

We decided it was time to get a mini-van!  This is the last ride in the MDX when it was "mommy's car" as we drove to get Daddy and pick up the van.

First ride in the van -- and they are too busy watching their new DVD player to look at Mom for the picture.

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Shannon said...

How fun, that you got to go on a quick trip together! And congrats on the new car! I was so confused when I saw you in a mini van, the other day! I love mine, though, and I hope you have been equally happy with yours.


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