Saturday, December 20, 2014

Visiting Santa

I told Ellie and Lynnie early in the week that we were going to go visit Santa on Saturday.  On Thursday, Lynnie told me she couldn't wait to see Albert and Kanisha again.  I gave in and told her that Albert & Kanisha were coming with us to see Santa.  She was so excited!  And I did tell her to early, because she must have asked me at least 47 times over the next two days if it was time to go meet them at Santa's house.

. : taking selfies : .

. : loving snuggles on Daddy's shoulder : .

. : I guess the line was a little to long for Cecers : .

We woke Cece up from her impromptu nap just in time to get her on Santa's lap.  I was really impressed that she just looked at him, looked at Ellie, and looked at Santa again.  She was pretty subdued and more curious than anything else.  I call that a successful first visit to Santa!

After eating lunch together and exchanging Christmas presents, we all said good-bye.  Greg went off to a basketball game, and I got the girls all loaded up in the van.  Since we were right there at the outlet malls, I asked the girls if they wanted to drive through the parking lot to Cabela's.  Lynnie excitedly said, "well, invite Albert and Kanish to come!"  We had been slow enough that I was sure they were halfway home, but I called Kanisha anyway.  They had run another errand and not gone home, so were happy to come back and meet us again at Cabela's.  

As we were walking through Big Game Country, Ellie found this tree with a sign saying "I Want it All."  Malucia, in Barbie and the Secret Door, is a naughty princess who steals everyone's magic.  Her song goes:

I want it all!  I want it now.
Don't tell me no.  Just tell me how.

Ellie thought that sign was pretty funny.

After Cabela's, it was time to say good-bye for real.  When I was giving Cece her bath after dinner, Ellie and Lynnie surprised us by jumping in.  Cece thought that was pretty fun... 

...until it wasn't so fun any more!

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