Thursday, January 8, 2015


We made it back to the Aquarium with Grandma and had a fun afternoon.  We weren't brave enough to touch the live starfish, but we did like touching the turtle shell and the shark teeth.

Seeing the Sea Turtle was a lot of fun.

The penguins were Lynnie's favorite animal to see.

 Next we went to a 20 minute 4D movie.  It kind of traumatized all of us.  We got sprayed with a blast of water and air, and Cece cried until I got her to fall asleep.  Lynnie snuggled Grandma and was grumpy for a long time.

Ellie tried so hard to comfort Lynnie after the movie.  We went back to the penguins to cheer ourselves up.

Right after this fabulous picture, we had another tragedy.  There was a souvenir penny machine, and I had enough change to make one for the girls to share.  They picked a penguin, and I was cranking the machine around to line it up correctly.  Lynnie leaned in a little too close and I smacked her forehead with the crank.  Wowsers!  We headed to the snack bar to get some ice to hold on her head, but she got a big bump and a bruise on her eyebrow.  She is pretty tough, though, and managed to calm down enough to try and go see the otters.  But after seeing them for a minute, we were done and headed to Grandma's house for some snacks, relaxation, and violin lessons.

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