Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cece's Birthday Party

Cece is teething again and it is a rough thing for her.  She was grumpy all day long as I was trying to finish all of the cleaning and baking for her party, and was only happy when I was holding her.  I managed to get the bare minimum done for her party -- and it turned out just fine.  Ellie and Lynnie took on the decorations and did a great job taping up the Happy Birthday banner, and coloring some decorations that they then cut out and taped on the walls.

Lynnie spread the frosting on the cupcakes and did the sprinkles.  She was a big help.

waving to her guests was OK

Cece is a pretty good eater, so I thought she would love her cupcake.  She wasn't really interested.  She crumbled it up but spit out the bites she took.

I love watching {R} and Cece interact.  I am praying fervently for the day that Cece will show love back to {R} instead of being sassy and grumpy with her...

After a bath to get cleaned up, where Cece screamed bloody murder the whole time (highly unusual), it was present time.  Cece perked up as she opened her presents, and all of the other children crowded close to help her.

We are grateful to everyone who came to Cece's party.  It is so fun to celebrate her first year of life!

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