Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cecilia is 12 Months Old

At 12 months of age, Cecilia

~ wears 12-18 months clothes, size 3 diapers, size 3 shoes
~ is a pretty good eater and prefers to feed herself.  Favorite foods right now are bananas, pears, apples, peeled grapes, yogurt melts, and bread & butter
~ loves to play with balls and to play catch
~ is ticklish and has a super cute giggle, especially when Ellie tickles her
~ is pretty close to walking on her own.  Still cruises the furniture non-stop and prefers standing to sitting.  She will take up to 2 steps between furniture, but does not like to walk while I hold her hands.
~ likes to brush her hair and brush her sisters' hair
~ is expressive about what she wants to do.  She emphatically signs "all done" when she wants an activity to be over, and waves "bye bye" when she wants a person to go away (or wants me to stop talking to someone)
~ is getting finicky about letting other people hold her to feed her, including Daddy
~ is cranky sometimes, especially when she is cutting a tooth or tired, but so full of sweetness and happiness most of the time.  
~ is a joy and delight!  It is hard to remember our family without her in it.  I am daily grateful to her birth mom for choosing us to raise her precious daughter.  It is an honor to share the title of mother with {R}.

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