Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Darling Girls

These three girls are amazing!  So full of life, learning new things every day, showing kindness & love, exploring the world.

Cece is always happiest when she is standing up and cruising the furniture.  She added a new level of cuteness by trying to climb up on this giant stool, and then just hanging out for a minute.

Lynnie Lu usually likes to pick out her own outfits, and she always looks cute.  Occasionally, she will let me pick out her outfit.  She let me pick her new clothes that she got for Christmas, but she wouldn't let me roll up her sleeves.  We grabbed a few pictures on our way to preschool.

Ellie was so excited to be invited to her friend Raegan's birthday party.  The invitation said to come dressed like a pincess, and of course Ellie wanted to be Elsa.  We did her hair in an Elsa braid, she wore her Elsa necklace, shoes, and dress, and we had to practice her Elsa magic outside.

When I dropped her off, she just ran into the party.  When I went to leave to go pick her up, Jason was also getting in his car across the street to get Alanna.  I offered to just grab them both.  At Raegan's house, the door opened and I witnessed a sea of little girls dressed like Elsa (12? 15?).  It was impressive.  I did see 2 Anna's and Ellie also said one little girl came as Ariel.  Every other girl was Elsa.

Miss Leda emailed me these cute pictures today of Lynnie from last semester's Kindermusik class.

we love Jason

Just hanging out with Puppy.  Her name is Fluffy right now.

Cece and I did a "secret" photo shoot for her birthday.  It was so fun to surprise {R} with these cute pictures of her darling baby.

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